High Purity un-doped Silicon Carbide sic Wafer , 6Inch 4H-Semi Sic Silicon Carbide Substrate

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Industry Semiconductor Substrate Materials Sic Crystal
Application 5G, Device Material, MOCVD,power Electronics Type 4H-N,semi ,No Doped
Color Green,blue, White Hardeness 9.0 Up
High Light

silicon carbide substrate


sic wafer

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Product Description

6inch sic substrates, 4h-n,4H-SEMI,sic ingot sic crystal ingots sic crystal block sic semiconductor substrates,High purity silicon carbide




SiC Wafer

SiC crystal are cutted into slices, and polishing, the SiC wafer comes. For specification and details, please visit below page.


SiC crystal growth

Bulk crystal growth is the technique for fabrication of single crystalline substrates , making the base for further device processing.To have a breakthrough in SiC technology obviously we need production of SiC substrate with a reproducible process.6H- and 4H- SiC crystals are grown in graphite crucibles at high temperatures up to 2100—2500°C. The operating temperature in the crucible is provided either by inductive (RF) or resistive heating. The growth occurs on thin SiC seeds. The source represents polycrystalline SiC powder charge. The SiC vapor in the growth chamber mainly consists of three species, namely, Si, Si2C, and SiC2, which are diluted by carrier gas, for example, Argon. The SiC source evolution includes both time variation of porosity and granule diameter and graphitization of the powder granules.


SiC epi wafer

We can cost-effectively produce very high quality epitaxial structures for device or testing purposes.The silicon carbide (SiC) epitaxial wafer poses many advantages in comparision with conventional Si wafers, We can offer epi layer in very large range of doping concentration 1E15/cm3 from low 1014 to 1019 cm-3 for more information.


SiC Crystal Structure

SiC Crystal has many different crystal structures,which is called polytypes.The most common polytypes of SiC presently being developed for electronics are the cubic 3C-SiC, the hexagonal 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC, and the rhombohedral 15R-SiC. These polytypes are characterized by the stacking sequence of the biatom layers of the SiC structure

sic crystal defects

Most of the defects which were observed in SiC were also observed in other crystalline materials. Like the dislocations, stacking faults (SFs), low angle boundaries (LABs) and twins. Some others appear in materials having the Zing- Blend or the Wurtzite structure, like the IDBs. Micropipes and inclusions from other phases mainly appear in SiC.


SiC crystal application

Many researchers know the general SiC application:III-V Nitride Deposition;Optoelectronic Devices;High Power Devices;High Temperature Devices;High Frequency Power Devices.But few people knows detail applications, We list some detail 

material application and advantagement

• Low lattice mismatch
• High thermal conductivity
• Low power consumption
• Excellent transient characteristics
• High band gap



• GaN epitaxy device
• Optoelectronic device
• High frequency device
• High power device
• High temperature device
• Light emitting diodes


Property 4H-SiC, Single Crystal 6H-SiC, Single Crystal
Lattice Parameters a=3.076 Å c=10.053 Å a=3.073 Å c=15.117 Å
Stacking Sequence ABCB ABCACB
Mohs Hardness ≈9.2 ≈9.2
Density 3.21 g/cm3 3.21 g/cm3
Therm. Expansion Coefficient 4-5×10-6/K 4-5×10-6/K
Refraction Index @750nm

no = 2.61

ne = 2.66

no = 2.60

ne = 2.65

Dielectric Constant c~9.66 c~9.66
Thermal Conductivity (N-type, 0.02 ohm.cm)

a~4.2 W/cm·K@298K

c~3.7 W/cm·K@298K

Thermal Conductivity (Semi-insulating)

a~4.9 W/cm·K@298K

c~3.9 W/cm·K@298K

a~4.6 W/cm·K@298K

c~3.2 W/cm·K@298K

Band-gap 3.23 eV 3.02 eV
Break-Down Electrical Field 3-5×106V/cm 3-5×106V/cm
Saturation Drift Velocity 2.0×105m/s 2.0×105m/s
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High Purity un-doped Silicon Carbide sic Wafer , 6Inch 4H-Semi Sic Silicon Carbide Substrate 0
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High Purity un-doped Silicon Carbide sic Wafer , 6Inch 4H-Semi Sic Silicon Carbide Substrate 1
High Purity un-doped Silicon Carbide sic Wafer , 6Inch 4H-Semi Sic Silicon Carbide Substrate 2

Q:How about the delivery time and quality.
A: We have strict quality inspection system.  and  Delivey by DHL, Fedex, EMS by your require 

Q: Are you a trading company or a factory?
A: We have a wafer process factory, which can reduce all cost we can control. 

Q: What’s your main products?
A: There are saphire wafer,sic,Quartz wafer .We can also produce special shape

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1. Price. We are not only a trading company, so we can get the most 
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High Purity un-doped Silicon Carbide sic Wafer , 6Inch 4H-Semi Sic Silicon Carbide Substrate 3