Synthetic Blue Sapphire Crystal Ruby Al2O3 Single Crystal

Synthetic Blue Sapphire Crystal Ruby Al2O3 Single Crystal

  • High Light

    Synthetic Sapphire Crystal


    Al2O3 Ruby Sapphire Crystal


    Synthetic Ruby Single Crystal

  • Material
    Al2O3 Single Crystal
  • Industry
    Gems, Optical Glass Wafer
  • Application
    Led Eli-ready Wafer, Optical Protective Window,bearing,electric Ceramic,
  • Hardness
  • Vision Light Transmittance
  • Color
  • Method
    KY Or Cz
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  • Model Number
    blue sapphire
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    by case by color
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    by case
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    L/C, T/T, Western Union
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Synthetic Blue Sapphire Crystal Ruby Al2O3 Single Crystal

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Synthetic Ruby sapphire crystal ruby Blue sapphire  Synthetic Blue sapphire crystal ruby sapphire crystal



• Laser spectroscopy


• Medial laser

Meta-Photonics Ti:sapphire

• Grown by Thermal Exchange Method

• Figure of Merit (FOM) value: 150-350

• Absorption coefficient:0.3~3.5cm-1

• Maximal Size: dia150mm

Custom design prouction (special doping concentration, shape, coating) is available





• Best materials for ultrashor pulse generation

• Tunable range from 600-1100nm

• High gain

• Could be pumped by shor pulse flash lamps

• Good physical and optical propertiesProperties of Ti:sapphire

• Sapphire (monocrystalline Al2O3) has an excellent thermal conductivity, alleviating thermal effects even for high laser powers and intensities.


Parameters of materials                                                                                                                   

echnical parameters:
Crystals Fe+ Al2O3
Structure Hexagonal a = 4.758Å c = 12.991Å
Mp 2040 oC
Density 3.98 g/cm3
Mohs hardness 9 (mohs)
Thermal expansion 7.5 (x10-6 / oC)
Growth method CZ
Specifications: Can be customized orientation and size.
Standard Packaging: 1000 clean room, 100 clean bag or single box packaging
Chemical Formula Ti3+ or Cr3+:Al2O3
Crystal Structure Hexagonal
Lattice Constants a=4.758, c=12.991
Density 3.98 g/cm3
Melting Point 2040℃
Mohs Hardness 9
Thermal Expansion 8.4 x 10-6/℃
Thermal Conductivity 52 W/m/K
Specific Heat 0.42 J/g/K
Laser Action 4-Level Vibronic
Fluorescence Lifetime 3.2μs at 300K
Tuning Range 660nm ~ 1050nm
Absorption Range 400nm ~ 600nm
Emission Peak 795 nm
Absorption Peak 488 nm
Refractive Index 1.76 at 800nm
Peak Cross Section 3.4 x 10-19cm2


Pictures sample specification                                                                                   

Grade: optical  grade without bubble, 

size:(pictures sizes)dia10mml ball ,dia50.8x1.0mmt,(dia1~100mm ok)


surface:polished/lapped either ok

color grade:(picture)block5#, ingot 2#,


Synthetic Blue Sapphire Crystal Ruby Al2O3 Single Crystal 0


Synthetic Blue Sapphire Crystal Ruby Al2O3 Single Crystal 1