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LED Eli - Ready Wafer Sapphire Ball , Sapphire Glass Lens With Custom Size
  • LED Eli - Ready Wafer Sapphire Ball , Sapphire Glass Lens With Custom Size
  • LED Eli - Ready Wafer Sapphire Ball , Sapphire Glass Lens With Custom Size

LED Eli - Ready Wafer Sapphire Ball , Sapphire Glass Lens With Custom Size

Place of Origin china
Brand Name zmkj
Model Number ball
Product Details
Al2O3 Single Crystal
Semiconductor Wafer ,optical Glass Wafer
Led Eli-ready Wafer, Optical Protective Window,bearing,electric Ceramic,
Vision Light Transmittance:
Red 1#-5#
KY Or Cz
High Light: 

titanium doped sapphire


ruby bearings

Product Description

Ruby ruby glass ball,sapphire ball.color sapphire laser crystal lens,

Ti sapphire Wafer Ti Al2O3 Crystal



Balls & balls measuring head jewels are made of synthetic sapphire/ruby. They are largely used in heavily corrosive environment and optical fiber communication because of its anticorrosion, wearable and fine transmission characteristics. Balls measuring head jewels are used as insulated measure head on precise instruments.


Ruby Al2O3 named Ti:sapphire (Titanium doped Sapphire, Al2O3:Ti3+) is used for making ultra short pulse solid-state or wavelength tunable lasers. Ti:sapphire lasers are also very convenient e.g. for pumping test setups of new solid-state lasers (e.g. based on neodymium- or ytterbium-doped gain media), since they can easily be tuned to the required pump wavelength and allow one to work with very high pump brightness due to their good beam quality

and high output power of typically several watts.


Parameters of materials                                                                                                                    

Product Name: Ti-sapphire (Ti: Al2O3) crystal  
Product Description: Sapphire (Sapphire, also known as white stones, the formula Al2O3) has a very good thermal properties, excellent electrical characteristics and dielectric properties, and anti-chemical corrosion, it is high temperature, thermal conductivity, high hardness, infrared transparent, good chemical stability. Widely used in high-temperature infrared window materials and III-V nitride epitaxial film substrate and a variety ofmaterials to meet the growing blue, purple, white light-emitting diode(LED) and blue laser (LD) needs, Branch Crystal company specializing in the production of high quality polished sapphire crystal and epitaxial substrates will provide you with a lot of high quality and low price monocrystalline substrate.
Technical parameters:
Crystal structure Hexagonal a = 4.758 Å c = 12.992 Å
Crystal orientation

(11-20) - a plane: 2.379 Å (1-102) - r plane: 1.740 Å

(10-10) - m plane: 1.375 Å (0001) - c plane: 2.165 Å

Crystal purity > 99.99%
Mp 2040 o C
Density 3.98 g / cm 3
Hardness 9 (mohs)
Thermal expansion 7.5 (x10 -6 / o C)
Heat capacity 0.10 (cal / o C)
Thermal conductivity 46.06 @ 0 o C 25.12 @ 100 o C, 12.56 @ 400 o C (W / (mK))
Permittivity ~ 9.4 @ 300K at A axis ~ 11.58 @ 300K at C axis
Loss tangent <2x10 -5 at A axis, <5 x10 -5 at C axis

C, A, Tolerance: + / -0.2 degrees

dia3 "x0.5mm, dia2" x0.5mm, 10x10x0.5mm, 10x5x0.5mm

30x30x40mm,dia50x50mml rod

Single throw or double throw, Ra <5A

Can be customized orientation and size.

Standard Packaging: 1000 clean room, 100 clean bag or single box packaging

Main Types

Specification and Technical Index for ball


Products Diameter Max deviation Roundness Diameter of blind holed Hight of blind holed
Balls jewels 0.50 ~ 1.20 ±0.00254 G15 0.40 ~ 0.80 SΦ/2
1.20 ~ 8.00 ±0.00254 G5 0.80 ~ 5.00
8.00 ~ 12.00 ±0.00254 G10 3.00 ~ 7.00
Surface Surface roughness: Rz0.1, Surface quality S/D: 40/20


Sapphire/ruby , natural agate, SiC, ceramic, crystallite glass ,Si3N4,spinel, hard alloy etc.

Produce according to specific requirements and drawings, and also can design products for customers

Ruby Process                                                                                                    

LED Eli - Ready Wafer Sapphire Ball , Sapphire Glass Lens With Custom Size 0

Pictures sample                                                                                                        


LED Eli - Ready Wafer Sapphire Ball , Sapphire Glass Lens With Custom Size 1LED Eli - Ready Wafer Sapphire Ball , Sapphire Glass Lens With Custom Size 2


Q1. Is your company a factory or trade company?
We have a factory and we also can do export ourself.We are the Sapphire Window manufactuer.


Q2.Is you company only work with sapphire business?

no,at present our company  work with sapphire business and other semiconductor materials as

like sic, LT,GaAs. but We process sapphire components and Ruby components as the center of

gravity at present.

Q3. Could you supply sample?
Yes,we can supply sapphire sample according to customer's requirement.

Q4. Do you have any stock of sapphire window?
We process sapphire window according to customer requirement.So we have few

sapphire window in stock.

Q5.Where is your company located?
Our company located in  shanghai,China. factory is in Wuxi city.

Q6. How long will take to get the products?
Generally it will take 2~4 weeks to process.It is depend on the quantity and the size of

 the sapphire products.

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