Al2O3 83% Transmittance Dia 57.15mm Sapphire optical windows

Al2O3 83% Transmittance Dia 57.15mm Sapphire optical windows

  • High Light

    Dia 57.15mm Sapphire Lens


    635nm Transmittance Sapphire Lens


    Al2O3 Sapphire Lens

  • Material
    99.999% Al2O3
  • Industry
    Led,optical Glass,eli-ready Wafer
  • Application
    Semicondutor Wafer, Led Chip, Optical Glass Window, Electronic Ceramics
  • Color
    White Or Red Or Blue
  • Vision Light Transmissivity
  • Advantagement
    High Hardness9.0,wear Resistance,corrosion Resistance
  • Type
    Single Crystal
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    by case
  • Packaging Details
    Vacuum-sealed containers with nitrogen backfill in a class 100 environment
  • Delivery Time
  • Supply Ability

Al2O3 83% Transmittance Dia 57.15mm Sapphire optical windows

diameter 57.15mm/dia 50mm/dia 60mm sapphire glass lens; Flatness1/2 Lambda 635nm transmittance84.5% sapphire dia57.15mm sapphire lens

   Chemically, sapphire is single crystal aluminum oxide (Al2O3), and is useful in a transmission range from 0.2 - 5.5µm.Sapphire , so making them ideal materials for demanding applications (such as laser systems) because of their extreme surface hardness, high thermal conductivity, high dielectric constant and resistance to common chemical acids and alkalis. And sapphire also  is the second hardest crystal next to diamonds and, because of their structural strength, sapphire windows can be made much thinner than other common dielectric windows with improved transmittance. 
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Material Sapphire(Al2O3)
Density(20°C) Kg/m3                 3.98×103
Crystal Structure                         hexagonal
Crystal lattice constant          a=4.785Å c=12.991 Å
Mohs hardness                            9
Melting Point                               2045°C
Boiling Point                                3000°C
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion    α=5.8×10 -6 /K
Specific heat                          0.418W.s/g/k
Thermal conductio                  25.12W/m/k(@100°C)
Refractive Index (nd)               no=1.768ne=1.76
dn/dt                                         13×10-6/K(@633nm)
Tranmission                            T≈85%(0.3~5um)
Permittivity                               11.5(//c), 9.3(⊥c)

Sapphire Washers, Sapphire Windows, Sapphire Bearings, Sapphire Rods, Sapphire Tubes, Ruby
sapphire wafer, dome sapphire, Sapphire insulation Film, Sapphire ball lens, Sapphire/ruby ball
Al2O3 83% Transmittance Dia 57.15mm Sapphire optical windows 0


  1. 4inch 0.3mm 0.5mm thickness sapphire wafer specification
  2. Material: Single crystal Al2O3 99.999%
  3. Orientation: C-plane(0001) Off M -axis 0.2°±0.1
  1. Diameter:100±0.2mm or 3inch,2inch,5inch,6inch
  2. Thickness :300±25um  or 500±15um,
  3. Primary flat:30±1mm (or round wafer)
  1. OF Orientation flat: A axis±0.1° 
  2. Frontside Surface Roughness:Ra<0.3nm
  3. Backside Surface Roughness: 0.8~1.2um 
  4. ( Or double side polished,  both side Ra<0.2nm)
  5. TTV:<15um     BOW:-15~0um      WARP:<20um
  6. Laser Mark Series No. by needs
  7. Package:Vacuum-sealed containers with nitrogen backfill in a class 100 environment
  1. Cleanliness :Free visible contamination

Sapphire Wafer Process Step
Al2O3 83% Transmittance Dia 57.15mm Sapphire optical windows 1


Al2O3 83% Transmittance Dia 57.15mm Sapphire optical windows 2


Al2O3 83% Transmittance Dia 57.15mm Sapphire optical windows 3

we also can provide other materials crystal seimconductor wafers as like  GaN, SiC,GaAs,InP,MgO etc.

CATALOGU & Stcok List for wafers 

Standard wafer(customzied)

2 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
3 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
4 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
6 inch C-plane sapphire wafer SSP/DSP
Special Cut
A-plane (1120) sapphire wafer
R-plane (1102) sapphire wafer
M-plane (1010) sapphire wafer
N-plane (1123) sapphire wafer
C-axis with a 0.5°~ 4° offcut, toward A-axis or M-axis
Other customized orientation
Customized Size
10*10mm sapphire wafer
20*20mm sapphire wafer
Ultra thin (100um) sapphire wafer
8 inch sapphire wafer
Patterned Sapphire Substrate (PSS)
2 inch C-plane PSS
4 inch C-plane PSS

DSP C-AXIS 0.1mm/0.175mm/0.2mm/0.3mm/0.4mm

/0.5mm/ 1.0mmt

SSP C-axis 0.2/0.43mm

(DSP&SSP) A-axis/M-axis/R-axis 0.43mm




DSP/ SSP C-axis 0.43mm/0.5mm




dsp c-axis 0.4mm/ 0.5mm/1.0mm

ssp c-axis 0.5mm/0.65mm/1.0mmt




ssp c-axis 1.0mm/1.3mmm


dsp c-axis 0.65mm/ 0.8mm/1.0mmt



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