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Al2O3 9.0 Hardness Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby
  • Al2O3 9.0 Hardness Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby
  • Al2O3 9.0 Hardness Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby
  • Al2O3 9.0 Hardness Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby
  • Al2O3 9.0 Hardness Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby

Al2O3 9.0 Hardness Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby

Place of Origin china
Brand Name zmkj
Model Number 30x30x5mmt
Product Details
Al2O3 Single Crystal
Semiconductor Wafer ,optical Glass Wafer
Led Eli-ready Wafer, Optical Protective Window,bearing,electric Ceramic,
Vision Light Transmittance:
Red 1#-5#
KY Or Cz
Cr+ And Ti+
High Light: 

Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby


9.0 Hardness Synthetic Ruby


Al2O3 Synthetic Ruby

Product Description

2#,5# grade red Titanium sapphire laser crystals Ruby optical glass raw lens ingot by customized shape

Cr+ doped TI+doped polished sapphire crystal ruby glass lens


Parameters of materials  
Materials Ti3+:Al2O3  
Concentrations (0.05~0.35)wt%Ti2O3  
Orientation A-Axis,C-axis within ±3°  
End Configuration flat/flat or Brewster/Brewster ends  
Absorption Coefficence 0.5~6.0cm-1  
Figure of Merit 100~300  
Coatings Standard coating is BBAR with R < 5.0% each face at 532 nm and R < 0.5% each face, 650 nm to 850 nm.Other coatings available.
max size

dia120x200mml(Cz method)100kg for KY method

Mass density 3.98 g/cm3
Moh hardness 9
Young's modulus 335 GPa
Tensile strength 400 MPa
Melting point 2040 °C
Thermal conductivity 33 W / (m K)
Thermal expansion coefficient ≈ 5 × 10-6K-1
Thermal shock resistance parameter 790 W/m
Refractive index at 633 nm 1.76
Temperature dependence of refractive index 13 × 10-6K-1
Ti density for 0.1% at. doping 4.56 × 1019 cm-3
Concentrations (0.05~0.35) wt%
End Configuration Flat/Flat or Brewster/Brewster ends
Emission cross section at 790 nm (polarization parallel to the c axis) 41 × 10-20 cm2


Features of optics instruments Ti sapphire for christmas lights laser

Ø Large gain-bandwidth

Ø Very large emission bandwidth

Ø Excellent thermal conductivity

Ø Short excited-state lifetime (3.2 μs)

Ø High saturation power

Ø Relatively high laser cross-sections

Ø High damage threshold

Ø Strong Kerr effect

Ø Wide possible pump wavelengths

Applications of optics instruments Ti sapphire for christmas lights laser

Ø Femtosecond pulse lasers

Ø High repetition rate oscillators

Ø Chirped-pulse laser amplifiers

Ø Multi-pass amplifiers

Ø Regenerative amplifiers

Ø Wavelength tunable CW lasers

Ø Pulsed X-ray generation

Ø Thin disk oscillator

Ø Petawatt laser systems

 Specification of optics Ti sapphire lens

Property Value
Orientation Tolerence < 3°
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance ±0.03 mm
Surface Flatness <λ@632 nm
Wavefront Distortion <λ@632 nm
Surface Quality 20/10,40/20
Parallel 30 ″
Perpendicular 15 ′
Clear Aperture >90%
Chammfer <0.2×45°
Maximum dimensions

dia 120mm


Pictures size spec                                                                                            

Grade: optical  grade without bubble, 

size:(pictures sizes)40x40x50mml,dia100x20mmt,(dia1~100mm ok)


surface:polished/lapped either ok

color grade:(picture)block5#, ingot 2#,



About our company                                                                                                         

     ZMKJ locates in the city of Shanghai, Which is the best city of China, and our factory is

founded in Wuxi city in 2014.We specialize in processing a varity of materials into wafers,

substrates and custiomized optical glass parts.components widely used in electronics,

optics, optoelectronics and many other fields.


   We also have been working closely with many domestic and oversea universities, research

institutions and companies, provide customized products and services for their R&D projects.

It's our vision tomaintaining a good relationship of cooperation with our all customers by our

good reputatiaons.


Al2O3 9.0 Hardness Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby 0

Al2O3 9.0 Hardness Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby 1

Al2O3 9.0 Hardness Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby 2

Al2O3 9.0 Hardness Doped Polished Synthetic Ruby 3


Q1. Is your company a factory or trade company?
We have a factory and we also can do export ourself.We are the Sapphire Window manufactuer.

Q2. Is you company only work with sapphire business?

no,at present our company  work with sapphire business and other semiconductor materials

as like sic, LT,GaAs. but We process sapphire components and Ruby components as the center

of gravity at present.

Q3. Could you supply sample?
Yes,we can supply sapphire sample according to customer's requirement.

Q4. Do you have any stock of sapphire window?
We process sapphire window according to customer requirement.So we have few sapphire

window in stock.

Q5. Where is your company located?
Our company located in  shanghai,China. factory is in Wuxi city.

Q6. How long will take to get the products?
Generally it will take 2~4 weeks to process.It is depend on the quantity and the size of the sapphire products.


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