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LT LN Single Crystals 4inch For 5G
  • LT LN Single Crystals 4inch For 5G
  • LT LN Single Crystals 4inch For 5G
  • LT LN Single Crystals 4inch For 5G

LT LN Single Crystals 4inch For 5G

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name zmkj
Model Number LT-001
Product Details
LN LT Single Crystal
5G,SAW Device,optical Glass,
Yellow, Red,black
Electrical Resistivity:
38W/m/℃ At 25℃
High Light: 

5G LiNbO3 Wafer


Lithium Tantalate Single Crystals


4inch Lithium Niobate Wafers

Product Description

Lithium Niobium Trioxide Lithium Tantalate Crystals Lithium Niobate LT LN Crystals For 5G



Lithium niobate crystal is one of the most widely used new inorganic materials, it is a good piezoelectric energy exchange material, ferroelectric material, electro-optical material, lithium niobate as electro-optical material in optical communication to play the role of light modulation. Its single crystals are important materials for optical waveguides, mobile phones, piezoelectric sensors, optical modulators and a variety of other linear and nonlinear optical applications.


Production method
Lithium niobate was prepared using lithium carbonate and niobium pentoxide as raw materials by pulling method: lithium carbonate and niobium pentoxide were put into a platinum crucible and crystals were grown along the direction (001). In order to obtain high quality colorless transparent cylinder, it is necessary to add an appropriate size of electric field when the temperature of the two end faces in the two directions of crystal growth is slightly higher than the Curie temperature, and then form the crystal to cool the crystal to room temperature, that is, to prepare lithium niobate crystal.



晶体结构crystal texture 三方
晶格常数lattice constant a=5.148Å, c=13.863Å
密度density 4.64g/cm3
熔点melting point 1250℃
居里温度the Curie temperature 1142±3℃
硬度Hardness 5
介电常数dielectric constant ε11/ε0=85; ε33/ε0=29.5
电阻系数electrical resistivity 38W/m/℃ at 25℃
热膨胀系数coefficient of thermal expansion a1=a2=2×10-6/℃, a3=2.2×10-6/℃ at 25℃
压电常数piezoelectric constant d22=2.04×10-11C/N, d33=19.22×10-11C/N
折射率refractive index no=2.2827 ± 0.0003 ne=2.1928± 0.0003
电光系数lithium niobate electroptic coeffcient r33 30.4pm/V




Product display

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Q. Do you have any stock of wafer or ingots?

yes,aslike 3inch,4inch commen size substrates wafers are in stocks.

Q. Where is your company located?
Our company located in shanghai,China. factory is in wuxi city.

Q. How long will take to get the products?
Generally it will take 1~4 weeks to process and then delivery.

It is depend on the quantity and the size of the products.


Q: How about pay term & delivery ?

T/T 50%deposit and left part before delivery by FOB .



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