Rectangle C Axis Sapphire Optical Glass Lens Customized Shape For Protective Glass

Place of Origin china
Brand Name zms
Model Number lens-020
Minimum Order Quantity 3pcs
Price by case
Packaging Details carton case
Delivery Time 2-4weeks
Payment Terms L/C, T/T
Supply Ability 500pcs/month
Product Details
Vision Light Transmissivity 85% Industry Electronic Product Protect Glass Cover,led,optical Glass,epi-ready Wafer
Materials 99.999% Al2O3 Color Colorless Transparent
Advantagement Hardness 9.0,wear Resistance, Applications User Iphone Camera Glass,phone,protect Window
Orientation Cor A-plane
High Light

sapphire glass lens


sapphire cover glass

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Product Description

size213x116x5mmt rectangle C axis sapphire optical glass window,customized shape sapphire glass for protective glass


1. Sapphire description 

Sapphire optical windows are ideal for applications where high pressure, vacuum,

or corrosive atmospheres are a consideration. Sapphire, a single crystal form of Al2O3,

is resistant to attack by strong acids due to its high dielectric constant.

It has high compressive strength and a high melting point. It is also resistant to UV radiation darkening.


sapphire process step


Sapphire crystal body(Ky) ---->Customized axis ingot/block----> 1st anneal ---->wire saw cut


---->repair shape----->rough lap--->charmfer---->fine grind---->polishing---->inspection---package


sapphire compare with other optical materials 


• Mechanically second only to diamond. One of the hardest and most scratch resistant materials
available. The high modulus of elasticity and high tensile strength make it extremely wear,
abrasion and impact resistant.
• Colorless optical characteristics are superior to any standard glass, with up to a 98.5%
transmission and a transmission window from 190 nanometers in the UV to 5 microns in the IR.
• No solarization in high-radiation systems.
• High dielectric constant and low loss tangent makes it a great electrical insulator and low
loss long wavelength window.
• Thermally very stable. Does not lose any of its mechanical and optical qualities from cryogenic
to over 2000C.
• Thermal conductivity greater than other optical materials and most dielectrics.
• No surface damage and devitrification due to extreme thermal cycling
• Does not sag or slump at very elevated temperatures.
• Highly corrosion resistant. More resistant to corrosive chemicals than most standard hard
materials available.


Property  Specification
Thickness                     0.08-200mm
Size tolerance:              0.01mm
Edge Finish:                Ground and beveled
Surface Quality           40-20 scratch-dig or 60/40,20/10,
Surface Flatness         λ/4 @ 633 nm~2λ
Parallelism                  ≤3 arc min (≤0.9 mrad)
Clear Aperture            >80% of central diameter
Hardness (Knoop)        1370 kg mm-2
Young's modulus          3.4 x 1011 N m-2
Thermal Limit               22 W m-1 K-1
Thermal expansion coefficient    8.4 x 10-6 K-1


Our company grow the sapphire single crystal by KY method,we can supply sapphire ingot(2inch,4inch,6inch,8inch),sapphire wafer(single/double side polishing),sapphire block,

all kinds of sapphire optical window(applied to optical equipment,industry camera,

cell phone watches and other special optical components),if you have any requirements,

please contact us,looking forward to your cooperation.

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3.Pictures  Size For Sapphire Lens 

Materials: 99.999% sapphire optical grade ,no bubble ,color and crystal boundar.




surface: double side poshlied 



Rectangle C Axis Sapphire Optical Glass Lens Customized Shape For Protective Glass 1




Q: What's your MOQ?

A: (1) For inventory, the MOQ is 3pcs. if 5pcs it's better.

(2) For customized products, the MOQ is 50pcs up.


Q: What's the delivery time?

A: (1) For the standard products 

For inventory: the delivery is 5 workdays after you place the order byFOB shanghai .

For customized products: the delivery is 2 -4 weeks after you order contact by FOB SHAGNHAI.


Rectangle C Axis Sapphire Optical Glass Lens Customized Shape For Protective Glass 2