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300mm Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-Silicon For Power Micro LED
  • 300mm Gallium Nitride Wafer  GaN-ON-Silicon For Power Micro LED
  • 300mm Gallium Nitride Wafer  GaN-ON-Silicon For Power Micro LED
  • 300mm Gallium Nitride Wafer  GaN-ON-Silicon For Power Micro LED

300mm Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-Silicon For Power Micro LED

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name ZMSH
Certification rohs
Model Number 6/8/12INCH GaN-ON-silicon
Product Details
Silicon Substrate
Epi Layer Thickness:
Gallium Nitride Wafer
Traditional Manufacturing Using:
Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Micro-LED Application
Electronic Usage:
Electronics,high-speed Switching Circuits,infrared Circuits
High Light: 

Si Epi Aluminum Nitride Wafer


Micro LED Gallium Arsenide Wafer


300mm Gallium Nitride Wafer

Product Description




8inch 100mm 150mm 200mm 300mm GAN-ON-SI EPI-WAFERS For Power Application


GaN epitaxial wafer (GaN EPI on Silicon)
ZMSH is an agent of GaN-on-Si epitaxial wafers in Shanghia. Gallium nitride (GaN) has been widely used in power devices and blue light-emitting diodes due to its wide energy gap.

There is a growing need for energy saving and advancements in information and communication systems. To meet these needs, we have developed a wide-bandgap semiconductor substrate with gallium nitride (GaN) as the next-generation semiconductor material.
Concept: By growing single-crystal GaN thin films on silicon substrates, we can produce large, inexpensive semiconductor substrates for next-generation devices

Target: For home appliances: switchgears and inverters with breakdown voltages in the hundreds. For mobile phone base stations: high power and high frequency transistors.
Advantages: Our silicon substrates are cheaper to grow GaN than other silicon carbide or sapphire substrates, and we can provide GaN devices tailored to customer requirements.

wide band gap
Band gap refers to the energy field formed by the band structure in a crystal that does not contain electrons (semiconductor materials with a band gap larger than silicon are often referred to as wide band gap semiconductors). Wide-bandgap material with good optical transparency and high electrical breakdown voltage

is a stack of different materials. Generally speaking, in the semiconductor field, relatively thin films of semiconductor materials with different compositions are stacked. In the case of mixed crystals, heterojunctions with atomically smooth interfaces and good interface properties are obtained. Due to these interfaces, a layer of two-dimensional electron gas with high electron mobility is created


Specs for Blue GaN-on-Si Power application Epi-wafers
Product Specification
Items                                                       Values/Scope
Substrate                                                           Si
Wafer diameter                        100mm,150mm,200mm,300mm
Epi-layer thickness                                   2-7 μm
Wafer bow                                    <30 μm, Typical
Surface Morphology                    RMS<0.5nm in 5×5 μm²
Barrier                                        AlXGa1-XN, 0<X<1
Cap layer                      In-situ SiN or GaN (D-mode); p-GaN (E-mode)
2DEG density                       >9E12/cm2 (20nm Al0.25GaN, 150mm)
Electron mobility              >1800 cm2 /Vs (20nm Al0.25GaN, 150mm)
300mm Gallium Nitride Wafer  GaN-ON-Silicon For Power Micro LED 0
300mm Gallium Nitride Wafer  GaN-ON-Silicon For Power Micro LED 1
We are dedicated to providing high quality GaN epiwafers for Power electronic, RF and Micro-LED applications.
History • Founded in 2012 as a pure epi-foundry of  GaN wafers
Technology • Patented technology covering substrate  engineering , buffer design, active region
optimization for high quality, flat and crack free epi-structures.
• Core technical team members all have 10+ years experience in GaN
• 3300m2 class 1000 cleanroom
• 200k pcs/year for 150mm GaN epiwafers
• GaN-on-Si (up to 300mm)
• GaN-on-SiC (up to 150mm)
• GaN-on-HR_Si (up to 200mm)
• GaN-on-Sapphire (up to 150mm)
• GaN-on-GaN
IP & Quality • ~400 patent filed in China, US, Japan etc.
with >100 granted
• License of ~80 patents from imec
• ISO9001:2015 certificate for design and
manufacture of GaN epi material



Q: What's your MOQ?

A: (1) For inventory, the MOQ is 1pcs.

(2) For customized products, the MOQ is 5pcs up.


Q: What's the way of shipping and cost?

A:(1) We accept DHL, Fedex, EMS etc.

(2) If you have your own express account, it's great.If not,we could help you ship them.

Freight is in accordance with the actual settlement.


Q: What's the delivery time?

For inventory: the delivery is 5 workdays after you place the order.

For customized products: the delivery is 2 or 3 weeks after you place the order.


Q: Do you have standard products?

A: Our standard products in like 4inch 0.65mm,0.5mm polished wafer.

Q: How to pay?

A:50%deposit, left before delivery T/T,

Q: Can I customize the products based on my need?

A: Yes, we can customize the material, specifications and optical coating for your optical

components based on your needs.


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