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Ti:Sapphire Window For Laser Instruments Translucent Red Double Sided Polishing
  • Ti:Sapphire Window For Laser Instruments Translucent Red Double Sided Polishing
  • Ti:Sapphire Window For Laser Instruments Translucent Red Double Sided Polishing
  • Ti:Sapphire Window For Laser Instruments Translucent Red Double Sided Polishing

Ti:Sapphire Window For Laser Instruments Translucent Red Double Sided Polishing

Place of Origin China
Brand Name zmsh
Model Number Ti:Sapphire window
Product Details
Crystal Material:
3.98 G/cm3
Fusing Point:
Mohs Hardness:
Thermal Conductivity:
52 W/m/k
Ti2O3 Concentration:
0.06-0.5 Wt%
Diameter Dimension:
High Light: 

Double sided polishing Ti Sapphire window


translucent red Ti Sapphire window


Laser Instruments Ti Sapphire window

Product Description

Ti:Sapphire window for laser instruments translucent red Double-sided polishing

Product introduction

Ti:sapphire is a gem material, that is, pure alumina doped with trivalent titanium ions. This material has attracted a lot of attention because of its unique optical properties, and is widely used in laser technology, optical instruments, and scientific research.

The main feature of Ti:sapphire is its wide laser wavelength range, which can produce continuous wavelength output from red light to near-infrared light. This makes it widely used in laser technology. It typically operates in the wavelength range of 650 nm to 1100 nm, which includes many important laser wavelengths such as 700 nm, 800 nm and 1064 nm.

The working principle of the Ti:sapphire laser is to inject light energy into the Ti:sapphire crystal, stimulate the Ti ion transition to a high energy level, and then through the process of stimulated radiation and spontaneous radiation, the energy is released in the form of laser. This laser usually uses a laser diode or other excitation source as the excitation light source.

In short, Ti:sapphire is a widely used material in the field of laser technology and optical instruments, and its wide laser wavelength range makes it ideal for many applications.

Product display

Ti:Sapphire Window For Laser Instruments Translucent Red Double Sided Polishing 0

Product parameter

Crystal Material Ti:sapphire
Density 3.98 g/cm3
Fusing point 2040°C
Mohs hardness 9
Thermal conductivity 52 W/m/k
Ti2O3 concentration 0.06-0.5 wt%
Color translucency

Product application

  Ti:sapphire has been widely used in laser technology and optics. Here are some of the main application areas:

  1. Lasers: Ti:sapphire lasers are widely used in scientific research, medicine, communications and industrial fields. The wide wavelength range of laser output they produce can be used in applications such as spectral analysis, laser microscopy, ultrafast lasers, fiber optic communications, fiber optic sensing, and liDAR.
  2. Medical applications: Titanium-doped sapphire lasers have a variety of applications in the medical field. For example, in laser eye surgery, they can be used in myopia correction surgery (LASIK), keratectomy (PRK), and cataract surgery, among others. In addition, they can also be used in skin treatments such as laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal and vascular disease treatment.
  3. Scientific research: Ti:sapphire lasers play an important role in scientific research. Because the ultrafast laser pulses they produce have peak power and short pulse width, they can be used to study areas such as optical coherence tomography (OCT), spectroscopy, photochemical reactions, material characterization, and ultrafast dynamics.
  4. Optical instruments: Ti:sapphire crystals can be used to manufacture optical instrument components, such as laser cavity Windows, optical filters and optical prisms. They have good optical properties and heat conduction properties and can be used to provide stable optical output and withstand high power laser beams.
  5. Materials processing: Ti:sapphire lasers can be used for material processing applications such as cutting, drilling, welding and surface treatment. Due to their high energy density and small heat-affected areas, they are advantageous for fine machining and fabrication of micro-structures.

  Overall, the wide application of titanium-doped sapphire in laser technology and optics makes it an important material that provides efficient, precise and reliable optical solutions for many industries.


Q:What is titanium doped sapphire?

A:Ti:sapphire is an optically pumped, solid-state laser material with an indefinitely long stability and useful life. It is the most widely used crystal for wavelength tunable lasers.

Q:How is Ti:sapphire made?

A:The Titanium trivalent cation is responsible for laser action in doped sapphire crystals, which are produced by introducing titanium oxide into a melt of aluminum oxide.

Q:What is the gain bandwidth of Ti:sapphire?

A:The Ti3+ ion has a very large gain bandwidth with a gain peak around 800nm. This characteristic allows a tuning range from 650nm to 1100nm and ultrashort pulse generation down to around 10fs through passive mode locking.

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