3inch 4inch 2inch 0.35mm DSP surface 4h-N Silicon Carbide Sic Wafers

3inch 4inch 2inch 0.35mm DSP surface 4h-N Silicon Carbide Sic Wafers

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    4h-N Silicon Carbide Sic Wafers


    DSP Surface Silicon Carbide Wafer


    0.35mm Silicon Carbide Wafer

  • Material
    Silicon Carbide Crystal
  • Size
    3inch Or 4inch
  • Application
    Equipment Test
  • Resistivity
  • Type
  • Thickness
  • Surface
  • Orientation
    0° Off C-axis
  • Place of Origin
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  • Model Number
    4H-N, 3inch
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    by required
  • Packaging Details
    Packaged in a class 100 clean room environment, in cassettes of single wafer containers
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  • Supply Ability

3inch 4inch 2inch 0.35mm DSP surface 4h-N Silicon Carbide Sic Wafers

4inch dia100m 4H-N type Production grade DUMMY grade SiC substrates,Silicon Carbide substrates for semiconductor device,

customized thickness 4inch 4H-N silicon carbide crystal sic wafers  for 4inch seed crystal grade;

3inch 4inch 4h-n 4h-semi dummy test grade silicon carbide sic wafers


Silicon Carbide SiC crystal substrate wafer carborundum


Product Name: Silicon carbide (SiC) crystal substrate
Product Description: 2-6inch 
Technical parameters:
Cell structure Hexagonal
Lattice constant a = 3.08 Å c = 15.08 Å
Priorities ABCACB (6H)
Growth method MOCVD
Direction Growth axis or Partial (0001) 3.5 °
Polishing Si surface polishing
Bandgap 2.93 eV (indirect)
Conductivity type N or seimi ,high purity
Resistivity 0.076 ohm-cm
Permittivity e (11) = e (22) = 9.66 e (33) = 10.33
Thermal conductivity @ 300K 5 W / cm. K
Hardness 9.2 Mohs
Specifications: 6H N-type 4H N-type semi-insulating dia2 "x0.33mm, dia2" x0.43mm,dia2''x1mmt, 10x10mm, 10x5mm Single throw or double throw, Ra <10A
Standard Packaging: 1000 clean room, 100 clean bag or single box packaging


Application of silicon carbide in power device industry

Performance Unit Silicon Si Silicon Carbide SiC Gallium Nitride GaN
Band gap eV                                  1.12 3.26 3.41
Breakdown electric field MV/cm      0.23 2.2 3.3
Electron mobility cm^2/Vs             1400 950 1500
Drift speed 10^7 cm/s                     1 2.7 2.5
Thermal conductivity W/cmK             1.5 3.8 1.3
Compared with silicon (Si) devices, silicon carbide (SiC) power devices can effectively achieve high efficiency, miniaturization and light weight of power electronic systems. The energy loss of silicon carbide power devices is only 50% of that of Si devices, the heat generation is only 50% of that of silicon devices, and it has a higher current density. At the same power level, the volume of silicon carbide power modules is significantly smaller than that of silicon power modules. Taking the intelligent power module IPM as an example, using silicon carbide power devices, the module volume can be reduced to 1/3 to 2/3 of silicon power modules.
There are 3 types of silicon carbide power diodes: Schottky diodes (SBD), PIN diodes and junction barrier control Schottky diodes (JBS). Due to the Schottky barrier, SBD has a lower junction barrier height, so SBD has the advantage of low forward voltage. The emergence of silicon carbide SBD increased the application range of SBD from 250V to 1200V. At the same time, its high temperature characteristics are good, from room temperature to 175°C limited by the shell, the reverse leakage current hardly increases. In the application field of rectifiers above 3kV, silicon carbide PiN and silicon carbide JBS diodes have attracted attention due to their higher breakdown voltage, faster switching speed, smaller volume and lighter weight than silicon rectifiers.
Silicon carbide power MOSFET devices have ideal gate resistance, high-speed switching performance, low on-resistance and high stability. It is the preferred device in the field of power devices below 300V. It is reported that a silicon carbide MOSFET with a blocking voltage of 10kV has been successfully developed. Researchers believe that silicon carbide MOSFET will occupy an advantageous position in the field of 3kV to 5kV.
Silicon carbide insulated gate bipolar transistors (SiC BJT, SiC IGBT) and silicon carbide thyristors (SiC Thyristor), silicon carbide P-type IGBT devices with a blocking voltage of 12kV have good forward current capability. The on-resistance of silicon carbide IGBT devices can be compared with unipolar silicon carbide power devices. Compared with Si bipolar transistors, SiC bipolar transistors have 20-50 times lower switching losses and lower conduction voltage drop. Silicon carbide BJT is mainly divided into epitaxial emitter and ion implanted emitter BJT, and the typical current gain is between 10-50.

2. substrates size of standard

4 inch diameter Silicon Carbide (SiC) Substrate Specification

Grade Zero MPD Grade Production Grade Research Grade Dummy Grade
Diameter 76.2 mm±0.3 mm
Thickness 350 μm±25μm (200-2000um thickness also is ok)
Wafer Orientation Off axis : 4.0° toward <1120> ±0.5° for 4H-N standard size 
Micropipe Density ≤1 cm-2 ≤5 cm-2 ≤15 cm-2 ≤50 cm-2
Resistivity 4H-N 0.015~0.028 Ω•cm
6H-N 0.02~0.1 Ω•cm
4/6H-SI ≥1E5 Ω·cm
Primary Flat and length {10-10}±5.0° ,32.5 mm±2.0 mm
Secondary Flat Length 18.0mm±2.0 mm
Secondary Flat Orientation Silicon face up: 90° CW. from Prime flat ±5.0°
Edge exclusion 3 mm
TTV/Bow /Warp ≤15μm /≤25μm /≤40μm
Roughness Polish Ra≤1 nm ,CMP Ra≤0.5 nm
Cracks by high intensity light None 1 allowed, ≤2 mm Cumulative length ≤ 10mm, single length≤2mm
Hex Plates by high intensity light Cumulative area ≤1% Cumulative area ≤1% Cumulative area ≤3%
Polytype Areas by high intensity light None Cumulative area ≤2% Cumulative area ≤5%

Sic wafer & ingots  2-6inch and other customized size   also can be provided.


3.Products detail display

3inch 4inch 2inch 0.35mm DSP surface 4h-N Silicon Carbide Sic Wafers 0

3inch 4inch 2inch 0.35mm DSP surface 4h-N Silicon Carbide Sic Wafers 13inch 4inch 2inch 0.35mm DSP surface 4h-N Silicon Carbide Sic Wafers 2



Delivery & Package

3inch 4inch 2inch 0.35mm DSP surface 4h-N Silicon Carbide Sic Wafers 3

  • Q1. Is your company a factory or trade company?
  • We are the factory and we also can do export ourself.
  • Q2.Is you company only work with sic  business?
  • yes; however we don‘t grow the sic crystal by self. 
  • Q3. Could you supply sample?
  • Yes,we can supply sapphire sample according to customer's requirement
  • Q4. Do you have any stock of sic wafers ?
  • we usually keep some standard size sic wafers from 2-6inch wafers  in stock
  • Q5.Where is your company located.
  • Our company located in shanghai ,China.
  • Q6. How long will take to get the products.
  • Generally it will take 3~4 weeks to process.It is depend on the and the size of the  products.