4H-N 5x5mm Sic Wafers DSP Ceramic Catalyst Substrate

4H-N 5x5mm Sic Wafers DSP Ceramic Catalyst Substrate

  • High Light

    5mm sic wafers


    DSP sic wafers


    DSP ceramic catalyst substrate

  • Material
    Silicon Carbide Crystal
  • Size
  • Application
  • Resistivity
    >1E7 Or 0.015~0.28Ω.cm
  • Type
    4H-N Or 4H-SEMI
  • Thickness
    0.5mm Or 0.35mm
  • Surface
  • Orientation
    0° Off C-axis Or 4°off
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
    high purity un-doped 4h-semi
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Packaged in a class 100 clean room environment, in cassettes of single wafer containers
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    Western Union, T/T
  • Supply Ability

4H-N 5x5mm Sic Wafers DSP Ceramic Catalyst Substrate

High purity HPSI 4H-SEMI 4H-N 10X10mm 5x5mm sic wafers DSP



Application of silicon carbide in power device industry

Performance Unit Silicon Si Silicon Carbide SiC Gallium Nitride GaN
Band gap eV                                  1.12 3.26 3.41
Breakdown electric field MV/cm      0.23 2.2 3.3
Electron mobility cm^2/Vs             1400 950 1500
Drift speed 10^7 cm/s                     1 2.7 2.5
Thermal conductivity W/cmK             1.5 3.8 1.3

ZMSH offers SiC wafer and Epitaxy: SiC wafer is the third generation wide bandgap semiconductor material with excellent performance. It has the advantages of wide bandgap, high thermal conductivity, high breakdown electric field, high intrinsic temperature, radiation resistance, good chemical stability and high electron saturation drift rate. SiC wafer has also great application prospects in aerospace, rail transit, photovoltaic power generation, power transmission, new energy vehicles and other fields, and will bring revolutionary changes to power electronics technology. Si face or C face is CMP as epi-ready grade, packed by nitrogen gas, each wafer is in one wafer container, under 100 clean class room.

Epi-ready SiC wafers has N type or Semi-insulating, its polytype are 4H or 6H in different quality grades, Micropipe Density (MPD): Free, <5/cm2, <10/cm2, <30/cm2,<100/cm2, and the available size is 2”,3”,4” and 6”.Regarding SiC Epitaxy, its Wafer to wafer thickness uniformity: 2% , and Wafer to wafer doping uniformity: 4%, available doping concentration are from undoped, E15,E16,E18,E18/cm3, n type and p type epi layer are both available, epi defects are below 20/cm2; All the substrate should be used production grade for epi growth;N-type epi layers <20 microns are preceded by n-type, E18 cm-3, 0.5 μm buffer layer; N-type epi layers≥20 microns are preceded by n-type, E18, 1-5 μm buffer layer; N-type doping is determined as an average value across the wafer (17 points) using Hg probe CV; Thickness is determined as an average value across the wafer (9 points) using FTIR.


2. substrates size of standard

4 inch diameter Silicon Carbide (SiC) Substrate Specification

Grade Zero MPD Grade Production Grade Research Grade Dummy Grade
Diameter 76.2 mm±0.3 mm or 100±0.5mm;
Thickness 500±25um 
Wafer Orientation 0° off (0001)axis
Micropipe Density ≤1 cm-2 ≤5 cm-2 ≤15 cm-2 ≤50 cm-2
Resistivity 4H-N 0.015~0.028 Ω•cm
6H-N 0.02~0.1 Ω•cm
4/6H-SI ≥1E7 Ω·cm
Primary Flat and length {10-10}±5.0° ,32.5 mm±2.0 mm
Secondary Flat Length 18.0mm±2.0 mm
Secondary Flat Orientation Silicon face up: 90° CW. from Prime flat ±5.0°
Edge exclusion 3 mm
TTV/Bow /Warp ≤15μm /≤25μm /≤40μm
Roughness Polish Ra≤1 nm ,CMP Ra≤0.5 nm
Cracks by high intensity light None 1 allowed, ≤2 mm Cumulative length ≤ 10mm, single length≤2mm
Hex Plates by high intensity light Cumulative area ≤1% Cumulative area ≤1% Cumulative area ≤3%
Polytype Areas by high intensity light None Cumulative area ≤2% Cumulative area ≤5%

Sic wafer & ingots  2-6inch and other customized size   also can be provided.


3.Products detail display

4H-N 5x5mm Sic Wafers DSP Ceramic Catalyst Substrate 04H-N 5x5mm Sic Wafers DSP Ceramic Catalyst Substrate 1


4H-N 5x5mm Sic Wafers DSP Ceramic Catalyst Substrate 24H-N 5x5mm Sic Wafers DSP Ceramic Catalyst Substrate 3


Delivery & Package


  • Q1. Is your company a factory or trade company?
  • We are the factory and we also can do export ourself.
  • Q2.Is you company only work with sic  business?
  • yes; however we don‘t grow the sic crystal by self. 
  • Q3. Could you supply sample?
  • Yes,we can supply sapphire sample according to customer's requirement
  • Q4. Do you have any stock of sic wafers ?
  • we usually keep some standard size sic wafers from 2-6inch wafers  in stock
  • Q5.Where is your company located.
  • Our company located in shanghai ,China.
  • Q6. How long will take to get the products.
  • Generally it will take 3~4 weeks to process.It is depend on the and the size of the  products.