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Silicon Carbide wafers 8inch 200mm Polishing Substrate Semiconductor
  • Silicon Carbide wafers 8inch 200mm Polishing  Substrate  Semiconductor
  • Silicon Carbide wafers 8inch 200mm Polishing  Substrate  Semiconductor
  • Silicon Carbide wafers 8inch 200mm Polishing  Substrate  Semiconductor
  • Silicon Carbide wafers 8inch 200mm Polishing  Substrate  Semiconductor

Silicon Carbide wafers 8inch 200mm Polishing Substrate Semiconductor

Place of Origin Shanghai China
Brand Name ZMSH
Certification ROHS
Model Number Silicon Carbide wafers
Product Details
SiC Single Crystal 4H-N Type
Dummy /Production Grade
3.21 G/cm3
Dielectric Constant:
High Light: 

Polishing Silicon Carbide wafers


Semiconductor Silicon Carbide wafers


200mm Silicon Carbide wafers

Product Description

Silicon Carbide wafers 8inch 200mm Polishing Substrate Semiconductor

Product description

The demand for 8-inch SiC wafers is rapidly increasing across multiple industries. These high-quality substrates are essential for supporting research, development, and commercial applications. Semiconductor manufacturers, researchers, and innovators worldwide are increasingly favoring 8-inch SiC wafers due to their exceptional properties and wide range of potential applications.

8-inch SiC wafers offer versatility, reliability, and high performance, making them indispensable for advancing next-generation electronics, power devices, and renewable energy technologies. Their larger size provides more surface area for device fabrication, enabling the production of larger and more complex semiconductor components.

At our company, we offer 8-inch SiC wafers with silicon carbide in thicknesses of 500μm and 350μm. These wafers are of the 4H-N type and are suitable for prime, dummy, and research-grade applications. We specialize in providing high-quality SiC wafers designed specifically for research and experimentation purposes.

Our services include the ability to fulfill small quantity orders, offer special specifications products, and provide customized services to meet diverse needs. We offer global shipping services with secure payment options and maintain a large inventory to ensure availability and prompt delivery.

With a minimum delivery time of just 1 week, we utilize reliable carriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, and others to ensure the safe and timely delivery of our products.

For further details or to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you in acquiring the 8-inch SiC wafers you need for your specific applications.

Product parameter

Property 4H-SiC, Single Crystal 6H-SiC, Single Crystal
Lattice Parameters a=3.076 Å c=10.053 Å a=3.073 Å c=15.117 Å
Stacking Sequence ABCB ABCACB
Mohs Hardness ≈9.2 ≈9.2
Density 3.21 g/cm3 3.21 g/cm3
Therm. Expansion Coefficient 4-5×10-6/K 4-5×10-6/K
Refraction Index @750nm

no = 2.61

ne = 2.66

no = 2.60

ne = 2.65

Dielectric Constant c~9.66 c~9.66
Thermal Conductivity (N-type, 0.02

a~4.2 W/cm·K@298K

c~3.7 W/cm·K@298K

Thermal Conductivity (Semi-insulating)

a~4.9 W/cm·K@298K

c~3.9 W/cm·K@298K

a~4.6 W/cm·K@298K

c~3.2 W/cm·K@298K

Band-gap 3.23 eV 3.02 eV
Break-Down Electrical Field 3-5×106V/cm 3-5×106V/cm
Saturation Drift Velocity 2.0×105m/s 2.0×105m/s

Product display

Silicon Carbide wafers 8inch 200mm Polishing  Substrate  Semiconductor 0

In light of current geopolitical tensions, the advantages of 8-inch SiC wafers become even more pronounced, offering strategic benefits in several key areas:

Diversification of Supply Chains: With disruptions and uncertainties affecting global supply chains, the production of 8-inch SiC wafers offers an opportunity for diversification. Manufacturers can reduce reliance on specific regions or countries for semiconductor materials, thereby mitigating geopolitical risks and ensuring continuity of supply.
Enhanced National Security: As governments around the world prioritize national security concerns, the domestic production of 8-inch SiC wafers strengthens semiconductor self-sufficiency. By reducing dependence on foreign suppliers, countries can safeguard critical technologies and infrastructure from potential disruptions or hostile actions.
Technological Innovation: The production of 8-inch SiC wafers fosters technological innovation and R&D capabilities within domestic semiconductor industries. Investing in advanced materials like silicon carbide enables the development of next-generation semiconductor devices with superior performance, efficiency, and reliability, driving progress in key sectors such as power electronics, telecommunications, and defense.
Competitive Advantage: Countries or companies with the capability to produce high-quality 8-inch SiC wafers gain a competitive edge in the global semiconductor market. By offering reliable and cutting-edge materials, they attract customers seeking advanced solutions for their applications, thus strengthening their position in the industry and expanding market share.
Resilience to Trade Restrictions: In an environment of escalating trade tensions and export controls, domestic production of 8-inch SiC wafers provides resilience against trade restrictions imposed by foreign governments. By fostering a self-sufficient supply chain, countries can mitigate the impact of export bans or tariffs on critical semiconductor materials, ensuring the continuity of key industries and technologies.

In summary, the advantages of 8-inch SiC wafers extend beyond technological capabilities, encompassing strategic considerations related to supply chain resilience, national security, technological innovation, and competitive positioning amidst evolving geopolitical dynamics. By investing in the production of these advanced semiconductor materials, countries and companies can fortify their positions in the global semiconductor landscape and navigate geopolitical challenges more effectively.


Q: What's the way of shipping and cost?

A:(1) We accept DHL, Fedex, EMS etc.

(2) it is fine If you have your own express account ,If not,we could help you ship them and

Freight is in accordance with the actual settlement.


Q: How to pay?

A: T/T 100% deposit before delivery.


Q: What's your MOQ?

A: (1) For inventory, the MOQ is 1pcs. if 2-5pcs it's better.

(2) For customized commen products, the MOQ is 10pcs up.


Q: What's the delivery time?

A: (1) For the standard products

For inventory: the delivery is 5 workdays after you place the order.

For customized products: the delivery is 2 -4 weeks after you order contact.


Q: Do you have standard products?

A: Our standard products in stock. as like substrates 4inch 0.35mm.


















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