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8inch SiC Wafer Silicon Carbide Wafer Prime Dummy Research Grade 500um 350 Um
  • 8inch SiC Wafer Silicon Carbide Wafer Prime Dummy Research Grade 500um 350 Um
  • 8inch SiC Wafer Silicon Carbide Wafer Prime Dummy Research Grade 500um 350 Um
  • 8inch SiC Wafer Silicon Carbide Wafer Prime Dummy Research Grade 500um 350 Um

8inch SiC Wafer Silicon Carbide Wafer Prime Dummy Research Grade 500um 350 Um

Place of Origin Shanghai China
Brand Name ZMSH
Certification ROHS
Model Number 8inch SiC Wafer
Product Details
4H-N 8inch SiC
Prime Dummy Research Grade
Bearing Test
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8inch Silicon Carbide Wafer


prime dummy Silicon Carbide Wafer


500um SiC Wafer

Product Description

8inch SiC wafer Silicon Carbide Wafer prime dummy research grade 500um 350 um

Product introduction

Our company specializes in providing high-quality single crystal 8-inch Silicon Carbide (SiC) wafers for the electronic and optoelectronic industry. SiC is a next-generation semiconductor material known for its unique electrical and thermal properties. In comparison to silicon and GaAs wafers, SiC is particularly well-suited for high-temperature and high-power devices.

Our 8-inch SiC wafers encompass various types and grades to cater to different application requirements. We offer both 4H-SiC and 6H-SiC wafers, each with its own specific crystal structure and stacking sequence of atoms. These wafers are available in different conductivity types, including N-type, nitrogen-doped, and semi-insulating variations.

In addition to the type and grade, we understand the importance of additional specifications in ensuring optimal performance and quality. Parameters such as doping concentration, surface roughness, and defect density are crucial factors in determining the suitability of SiC wafers for specific applications. We provide comprehensive product information and can offer further details upon request.

Silicon carbide (SiC) initially found industrial use as an abrasive material and later gained significance in LED technology. Over time, its exceptional physical properties have led to its widespread adoption in various semiconductor applications across industries. With the limitations of Moore's Law approaching, many semiconductor companies are turning to SiC as the material of the future due to its outstanding performance characteristics.

In the semiconductor industry, 4H-SiC is more commonly employed compared to 6H-SiC. The designations 4H- and 6H- refer to the crystal lattice structure of silicon carbide, indicating the specific stacking sequence of atoms within the crystal.

Please feel free to reach out to us for further information on our range of 8-inch SiC wafers and how they can meet your specific requirements in the rapidly evolving semiconductor landscape.

Product parameter

Product 4H-SiC
Grade Grade I Grade II Grade III
polycrystalline areas None permitted None permitted <5%
polytype areas None permitted ≤20% 20% ~ 50%
Micropipe Density) < 5micropipes/cm-2 < 30micropipes/cm-2 <100micropipes/cm-2
Total usable area >95% >80% N/A
Thickness 500 μm ± 25 μm or Customer Specification
Dopant n type: nitrogen
Primary Flat Orientation) Perpendicular to <11-20> ± 5.0°
Primary Flat Length 32.5 mm ± 2.0 mm
Secondary Flat Orientation) 90° CW from Primary flat ± 5.0°
Secondary Flat Length) 18.0 mm ± 2.0 mm
On axis Wafer Orientation) {0001} ± 0.25°
Off axis Wafer Orientation 4.0° toward <11-20> ± 0.5° or Customer Specification
TTV/BOW/Warp < 5μm / <10μm /< 20μm
Resistivity 0.01~0.03 Ω×cm
Surface Finish C Face polish.Si Face CMP (Si face: Rq < 0.15 nm) or Customer Specification

Double side polish


Product display

8inch SiC Wafer Silicon Carbide Wafer Prime Dummy Research Grade 500um 350 Um 0

Production technology

The manufacturing process of 8-inch silicon carbide (SiC) wafers involves several critical steps to ensure their quality and suitability for semiconductor applications.

Batch Lapping: Once a boule of SiC crystal is grown into individual wafers, they are loaded into a batch lapping system. This system reduces the thickness of the wafers and ensures that the top and bottom surfaces are parallel. Each wafer is then manually unloaded, measured, and sorted according to thickness.
Surface Preparation: Surface preparation is crucial to fabricating high-quality SiC wafers. To achieve the desired surface hardness, oxidation of the silicon wafer is performed. Additionally, the density of dislocations and scratches must be kept below a certain level to meet quality standards. If the surface is too rough, a wire saw is used to roughen it, although this process is labor-intensive and costly.
Wafer Reclaim Process: X-Trinsic offers a wafer reclaim process, where the damaged surface layer of a wafer is removed and repolished to restore it to a device-ready state. This process can save costs for companies and increase the yield of a given wafer by up to 50%.
Batch Processing: Current production of SiC wafers is typically done using batch processing tools, which have a lower throughput and are limited to smaller wafers. However, as the industry moves towards larger wafer sizes, batch processing tools may need to adapt to accommodate larger wafers efficiently.
Defect Inspection and Removal: During the manufacturing process, SiC crystals are checked for dislocations and defects. Defective areas are identified, and any defects are removed to ensure the overall performance and quality of the semiconductor wafers.
Purity and Epitaxial Film Processing: After the silicon substrate is manufactured, it undergoes processing to ensure the highest purity possible. Proper processing is essential to avoid creating defects in the epitaxial film, resulting in better-quality and more efficient wafers that can be tailored to specific requirements.

Overall, the manufacturing process of 8-inch SiC wafers involves a series of precise steps to produce high-quality semiconductor materials suitable for a range of applications.


Q: What's the way of shipping and cost?

A:(1) We accept DHL, Fedex, EMS etc.

(2) it is fine If you have your own express account ,If not,we could help you ship them and

Freight is in accordance with the actual settlement.


Q: How to pay?

A: T/T 100% deposit before delivery.


Q: What's your MOQ?

A: (1) For inventory, the MOQ is 1pcs. if 2-5pcs it's better.

(2) For customized commen products, the MOQ is 10pcs up.


Q: What's the delivery time?

A: (1) For the standard products

For inventory: the delivery is 5 workdays after you place the order.

For customized products: the delivery is 2 -4 weeks after you order contact.


Q: Do you have standard products?

A: Our standard products in stock. as like substrates 4inch 0.35mm.







































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