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Y- 42°LiTaO3 LiNbO3 Wafers 4 Inch Dia 100 Mm With Thickness 46mm
  • Y- 42°LiTaO3 LiNbO3 Wafers 4 Inch Dia 100 Mm With Thickness 46mm
  • Y- 42°LiTaO3 LiNbO3 Wafers 4 Inch Dia 100 Mm With Thickness 46mm

Y- 42°LiTaO3 LiNbO3 Wafers 4 Inch Dia 100 Mm With Thickness 46mm

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name zmkj
Model Number LT ingot
Product Details
LiTaO3 Single Crystal
Semiconductor Wafer,saw Wafer,optical Wafer
5G,SAW Device,optical Glass,
Yellow, Red,black
High Light: 

black lt


litao3 wafer

Product Description

4inch LiTaO3 wafer, LT wafer for saw,LiTaO3 crystal optical wafer,LITaO3 optical wafer​


Piezoelectric Crystal Lithium Tantalate LT LiTaO3 crystals

Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3 or LNB) and Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3 or LTA) possess a combination of unique electro-optical, acoustic, piezoelectric, pyroelectric and non-linear optical properties making it a suitable material for applications in acoustic, electro-optical and non-linear optical devices, high-temperature acoustic transducers, receivers-transmitters of acoustic vibrations, air force acceleration meters, acoustic wave delay lines, deflectors, generators of non-linear distorted waves, acoustic filters, electro-optical Q-modulators (Q-switch), encoders-decoders, filters in television receivers, video-recorders and decoders, converters, frequency doublers and resonators in laser systems, non-linear elements in parametric light generators, etc. An indispensable condition of some of these applications is a high degree of optical uniformity of Lithium Niobate crystals used for fabrication of active elements. 
Some other crystals of LiNbO3 series are available, including LiNbO3 doped with Fe, Zn, Gd, Cu , Y, B, Er etc.For some applications similar in properties to Lithium Tantalate (LiTaO3) crystal is more advantageous than LiNbO3 (E-O modulators, pyroelectric sensors etc.). Lithium Tantalate exhibits unique electro-optical, pyroelectric and piezoelectric properties combined with good mechanical and chemical stability and wide transparency range and high optical damage threshold. This makes LiTaO3 well-suited for numerous applications including electro-optical modulators, pyroelectric detectors, optical waveguide and SAW substrates, piezoelectric transducers etc. MolTech can offer parts cut from high quality boules grown along X axis, fully poled, with dia. and length of up to 60 mm.


Properties (LiTaO3)  
Transmission Range (50% of total transmission) 0,275 - 5,25 µm (thickness 8 mm)
Refractive Index no = 2,139, ne = 2,139 @633 nm
Reflective Loss 13,17%@0,633 µm
Density 7.4564 g/cm3
Melting Point 1650°C
Molecular Weight 235,89
Thermal Conductivity 4,6 W/m·K ; 8,78 W/m·K
Heat Capacity 424 J/(K·kg)
Thermal Expansion  
Hardness (Mohs) 750
Young`s Modulus  
Shear Modulus  
Bulk Modulus  
Rupture Modulus  
Elastic Coefficient C11 = 230; C12 = 42; C13= 79; C14= -11; C33= 276; C44 = 95,9 GPa
Dielectric Constant 41-53 @298K
Solubility in Water unsoluble
Crystal Structure Single crystal, synthetic
Crystal Type trigonal, a = 5,15 Å c = 13,77 Å nbsp]
Cleavage Planes no cleavage
Poisson Ratio  
Application electro optic Q-switch, integrated optical substrate, sensor, frequency converter
Remarks stoichiometric or congruent




Feature Piezoelectric Crystal LiTaO3 crystals

Excellent photoelectric property
High Damage Threshold
High Curie Temperature


 LiTaO3 crystals Ingot specifications

Diameter     50.8mm          76.2mm             100mm                150mm

Thickness    60mm              60mm               60mm                 40mm

Tolerance            ±0.3mm

Orientation:  Y-36°,Y-42°,Y-112°

Dope:   common Fe, Zn, Gd


Y- 42°LiTaO3 LiNbO3 Wafers 4 Inch Dia 100 Mm With Thickness 46mm 0Y- 42°LiTaO3 LiNbO3 Wafers 4 Inch Dia 100 Mm With Thickness 46mm 1

Packing & Delivery


Packaging products → single cassette or 25 pcs boxes in cleaning room
Inner packing → Foam plastics anti-vibration cushion liner for package
Outer packing → five layers corrugated carton paper box or as required
Shipping by air → UPS , DHL , Fedex , TNT, EMS ,SF ,etc


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