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Diameter 5mm Sapphire Cover Glass 0.3mm Thickness
  • Diameter 5mm Sapphire Cover Glass 0.3mm Thickness
  • Diameter 5mm Sapphire Cover Glass 0.3mm Thickness
  • Diameter 5mm Sapphire Cover Glass 0.3mm Thickness

Diameter 5mm Sapphire Cover Glass 0.3mm Thickness

Place of Origin china
Brand Name zmsh
Certification ISO900
Model Number dia5*0.28mmt
Product Details
Vision Light Transmissivity:
Electronic Product Protect Glass Cover,led,optical Glass,epi-ready Wafer
99.999% Al2O3
Colorless Transparent
Hardness 9.0,wear Resistance,
Applications User:
Iphone Camera Glass,phone,front Cover Glass,
High Light: 

Diameter 5mm Sapphire Cover Glass


Colorless Sapphire Cover Glass


Wear Resistance Sapphire Cover Glass

Product Description

diameter5mm 0.3mm thickness customized sapphire cover lens window for sensor glass


1.  sapphire advantagement

Sapphire is a single crystal - Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) - which is colorless and optically clear. Synthetic sapphire is grown in boules (bulk pieces) no larger than 300mm in diameter. It can also be grown into shapes such as sheets, ribbons, domes and tubes with very smooth surface qualities, high purity and optical translucence. When used "as grown" there is very little need for grinding and polishing.


 Comparison of optical window materials

Material Properties Applications
Sapphire  Transmission Range: 180-4500nm
Refractive Index: 1.755@1000nm
Strong Hardness
Best choice for scratch resistance applications Thinner optics Wide Transmission Range
Fused Silica Transmission Range: 185-2500nm
Refractive Index: 1.4858@308nm
Low Thermal Expansion Coefficient: 0.54 x 10-6K
UV to IR spectrum
Best choice for thermal resistance

Comparison Advantagement 

  • Mechanically second only to diamond. One of the hardest and most scratch resistant materials
  • available. The high modulus of elasticity and high tensile strength make it extremely wear,
  • abrasion and impact resistant.
  • Colorless optical characteristics are superior to any standard glass, with up to a 98.5%
  • transmission and a transmission window from 190 nanometers in the UV to 5 microns in the IR.
  • No solarization in high-radiation systems.
  • High dielectric constant and low loss tangent makes it a great electrical insulator and low
  • loss long wavelength window.
  • Thermally very stable. Does not lose any of its mechanical and optical qualities from cryogenic
  • to over 2000C.
  • Thermal conductivity greater than other optical materials and most dielectrics.
  • No surface damage and devitrification due to extreme thermal cycling
  • Does not sag or slump at very elevated temperatures.
  • Highly corrosion resistant. More resistant to corrosive chemicals than most standard hard
  • materials available.

Diameter 5mm Sapphire Cover Glass 0.3mm Thickness 0Diameter 5mm Sapphire Cover Glass 0.3mm Thickness 1

Diameter 5mm Sapphire Cover Glass 0.3mm Thickness 2Diameter 5mm Sapphire Cover Glass 0.3mm Thickness 3


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