Customized Ge Crystal Window For 8 - 12 Um Wavelength Band Infrared Optical Lens

Customized Ge Crystal Window For 8 - 12 Um Wavelength Band Infrared Optical Lens

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    Customized Ge Crystal Window


    12um Ge Crystal Window


    Infrared Optical Lens Wafer

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    Ge Single Crystal
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    8-14um Infrared Optical Windows
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    N-type/ P-Type/ Un-doped
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Customized Ge Crystal Window For 8 - 12 Um Wavelength Band Infrared Optical Lens



4inch 6inch Germanium

Single Crystals Ge substrates Wafers,customized Ge optical lens 

2inch 3inch 4inch P-type N-type Ge substrate Germanium Wafers


Germanium substrates

Application: germanium wafer used in production of semiconductor device, infrared ray optical device, sinking material of solar cell.


Main Property Terms    
Production Method Czochralski method(CZ)  
Crystal Structure Cube  
Lattice Constant a=5.65754Å  
Density 5.323g/cm3  
Melting Point 937.4℃  
Doped material None doped or Sb doped Indium or Gallium Doped
Type /N P
Resistivity >35Ωcm0.05Ωcm 0.05~0.1Ωcm
EPD <4×103⁄cm2<4×103⁄cm2 <4×103⁄cm2
Size 10x3,10x5,10x10,15x15,,20x15,20x20,  
Thickness 0.5mm,1.0mm
Polishing Single face or double face
Orientation <100>,<110>,<111>,±0.5º
Crystal face Directional Accuracy ±0.5°
Edge Directional Accuracy 2°(Special request could be customized under 1°)
Bevel Shearing Directional Accuracy Customized by special request, process edge direction by special angle (inclination 1°-45°)of wafer
Ra: ≤5Å(5µm×5µm)
Package 100 Grade Cleaning Bag,1000Grade Super Cleaning Room



Germanium (Ge) is the preferred lens and window material for high performance infrared imaging systems in the 8–12 um wavelength band. Its high refractive index makes Ge ideal for low power imaging systems because of minimum surface curvature. Chromatic aberration is small, often eliminating the need for correction.

Due to its high Knoop hardness, germanium is often used in infrared systems that require a higher degree of hardness. Because of its high refractive index, we usually coat germanium with antireflection coating. The common wavebands are 3~12um or 8~12um.
After germanium is heated, its transmissivity will decrease with the increase of temperature. Strictly speaking, germanium is best used in an environment where the temperature is below 100 ℃. When it is used in a system that is sensitive to weight requirements, it is recommended that designers take into account the high-density characteristics of germanium.

The ratio of lens size to thickness shall meet the processing proportion, and the weight shall meet the design requirements.
The diameter range of germanium lenses and windows produced by our company is 5~260mm, the surface accuracy can reach 20/10, and the surface flatness can reach: λ/ 10@633nm (The ratio of lens thickness to diameter shall conform to the processing proportion).
we can process and customize various germanium chips, germanium windows and germanium plane mirrors for you
Application as window, lens, beamsplitter, ATR prism or filter in spectrometers and in thermal imaging.


Products Feature For Optical Ge lens
applications: infrared optical lens Absorptivity ≤0.03
diameter(mm) : 12mm-380mm Modulus of rupture ≥75
length(mm): customized Hardness(kg/cm2): 800
resistance : 1-50Ω, ≥50Ω Density(g/cm3): 5.33
: 10% Young modulus(Gpa): 103
orientation: 111 Poisson's ratio: 0.28


off orientation:

0.5º Thermal conductivity(Wm-1k-1): 59
type: N type thermal expansivity 6.1
refractive index(10µm): 4.0026 Specific heatCal/(g.k): 0.074
  <1×10ˉ4 Melting point(℃): 937

thermal refractive index coefficient


400 Dielectric constant | permittivity:16 16


Optical windows finished products
Ge wafer for optical grade:
SL.No Material Specifications:  
1 Crystalline Form : Polycrystalline
2 Conductivity Type : n-type
3 Absorption Coefficient, at 25°C 0.035cm-1 max @10.6µm
4 Typical Resistivity : 3-40 ohm-cm
5 size dia1-150mmxthickness0.5-20mm
6 Mohs Hardness : 6.3
7 Oxygen Content : < 0.03 ppm
8 Holes and Inclusions: <0.05 mm
9 surface lapped/1sp/2sp
10 S/D 40/20,20/10,60/40,80/50,
11 Flatness  1/4~1/10lambda 


Customized Ge Crystal Window For 8 - 12 Um Wavelength Band Infrared Optical Lens 0

Customized Ge Crystal Window For 8 - 12 Um Wavelength Band Infrared Optical Lens 1

Customized Ge Crystal Window For 8 - 12 Um Wavelength Band Infrared Optical Lens 2


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A: (1) For inventory, the MOQ is 3pcs.

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A: (1) For the standard products

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Q: Can I customize the products based on my need?

A: Yes, we can customize the material, specifications  for your optical components

based on your needs.