HVPE GaN substrate or GaN Template EPI Wafer For RF Applications

HVPE GaN substrate or GaN Template EPI Wafer For RF Applications

  • High Light

    single crystal gan epi wafer


    template gan epi wafer


    template gan substrates

  • Material
    GaN Single Crystal
  • Industry
    Semiconductor Wafer,LED
  • Application
    Semiconductor Device,LD Wafer,LED Wafer, Explorer Detector,laser,
  • TYPE
    HVPE And Template
  • Customized
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    Commen 2inchx0.35mmt
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    by case
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    single wafer case in 100-grade cleaning room
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    L/C, , T/T
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HVPE GaN substrate or GaN Template EPI Wafer For RF Applications

2inch HVPE method Gallium Nitride GaN wafer ,free standing GaN substrates for LED applicaion,10x10mm size GaN chips,HVPE GaN wafer


About GaN Feature Introduce

The growing demand for high-speed, high-temperature and high power-handling capabilities has made the semiconductor industry rethink the choice of materials used as semiconductors. For instance,

as various faster and smaller computing devices arise, the use of silicon is making it difficult to sustain Moore’s Law. But also in power electronics, So GaN semiconductor wafer is grown out for the need.

Due to its unique characteristics (high maximum current, high breakdown voltage, and high switching frequency), Gallium Nitride GaN is the unique material of choice to solve energy problems of the future. GaN based systems have higher power efficiency, thus reducing power losses, switch at higher frequency, thus reducing size and weight.


GaN technology is used in numerous high-power applications such as industrial, consumer and server power supplies, solar, AC drive and UPS inverters, and hybrid and electric cars. Furthermore,

GaN is ideally suited for RF applications such as cellular base stations, radars and cable TV

infrastructure in the networking, aerospace and defense sectors, thanks to its high breakdown strength,low noise figure and high linearity.HVPE GaN substrate or GaN Template EPI Wafer For RF Applications 0


  1. - Various LED's: white LED, violet LED, ultraviolet LED, blue LED
  2. - Environmental detection
  3. Substrates for epitaxial growth by MOCVD etc
  4. - Laser diodes: violet LD, green LD for ultra small projectors.
  5. - Power electronic devices
  6. - High frequency electronic devices
  7. Laser Projection Display, Power Device, etc.
  8. Date storage
  9. Energy-efficient lighting
  10. High- Efficiency Electronic devices
  11. New energy solor hydrogen technology
  12. Light source terahertz band

Specifications for GaN Substrates LED grade 



2”GaN Substrates  
Item GaN-FS-N  
Dimensions Ф 50.8mm ± 1mm
Marco Defect Density    
C Level > 2 cm-2
Thickness 330 ± 25 µm
Orientation C-axis(0001) ± 0.5°
Orientation Flat (1-100) ± 0.5°, 16.0 ± 1.0mm
Secondary Orientation Flat (11-20) ± 3°, 8.0 ± 1.0mm
TTV(Total Thickness Variation) ≤15 µm
BOW ≤20 µm
Conduction Type N-type  
Resistivity(300K) < 0.5 Ω·cm  
Dislocation Density Less than 5x106 cm-2
Useable Surface Area > 90%
Polishing Front Surface: Ra < 0.2nm. Epi-ready polished
Back Surface: Fine ground
Package Packaged in a class 100 clean room environment, in single wafer containers, under a nitrogen atmosphere.


HVPE GaN substrate or GaN Template EPI Wafer For RF Applications 1

Macro defect quanlity is <30pcs for LED grade wafers commen(15-30pcs)


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Q: Is there any stock or standard product?

A: Yes, commen size as like2inch 0.3mm standard size always in stocks.


Q: How about the samples policy?

A: sorry, but suggest you can buy some 10x10mm size back for test firstly.


Q: If i place an order now ,how long would it be before i got delivery ?

A: standard size in  stock  in 1weeks can be expressed after payment.

 and our payment term is 50% deposit and left before delivery.

HVPE GaN substrate or GaN Template EPI Wafer For RF Applications 2