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4inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers
  • 4inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers
  • 4inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers
  • 4inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers
  • 4inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers
  • 4inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers

4inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name zmsh
Certification ROHS
Model Number GaN-ON-SIC
Product Details
Semiconductor Wafer,LED
Semiconductor Device,LD Wafer,LED Wafer, Explorer Detector,laser,
Epi Wafers
Commen 2inchx0.35mmt
Dislocation Density:
High Light: 

6inch EPI Wafers


GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers


EPI Layers Gallium Nitride Wafer

Product Description



4inch 6inch GaN-ON-SiC EPI layer wafers GaN-ON-Si EPI layer wafers


About GaN-on-GaN  GaN-on-SIC  Feature Introduce


GaN epitaxial wafer: According to the different substrates, it is mainly divided into four types: GaN-on-Si, GaN-on-SiC, GaN-on-sapphire, and GaN-on-GaN.

    GaN-on-Si: The current industry production yield is low, but there is a huge potential for cost reduction: because Si is the most mature, defect-free, and lowest-cost substrate material; at the same time, Si can be expanded to 8-inch wafer fabs , reduce the unit production cost, so that the wafer cost is only one percent of that of the SiC base; the growth rate of Si is 200 to 300 times that of the SiC crystal material, and the corresponding fab equipment depreciation and energy consumption difference in cost, etc. GaN-on-Si epitaxial wafers are mainly used in the manufacture of power electronic devices, and the technical trend is to optimize large-scale epitaxy technology.

   GaN-on-SiC: Combining the excellent thermal conductivity of SiC with the high power density and low loss capabilities of GaN, it is a suitable material for RF. Limited by the SiC substrate, the current size is still limited to 4 inches and 6 inches, and 8 inches has not been promoted. GaN-on-SiC epitaxial wafers are mainly used to manufacture microwave radio frequency devices.

GaN-on-sapphire: Mainly used in the LED market, the mainstream size is 4 inches, and the market share of GaN LED chips on sapphire substrates has reached more than 90%.


     GaN-on-GaN: The main application market of GaN using homogenous substrates is blue/green lasers, which are used in laser display, laser storage, laser lighting and other fields.
       GaN device design and manufacturing: GaN devices are divided into radio frequency devices and power electronic devices. Radio frequency device products include PA, LNA, switches, MMICs, etc., which are oriented to base station satellite, radar and other markets; power electronic device products include SBD, normally-off FET. , Normally-on FET, Cascode FET and other products for wireless charging, power switch, envelope tracking, inverter, converter and other markets.
According to the process, it is divided into two categories: HEMT, HBT radio frequency process and SBD, PowerFET power electronic device process.



  1. - Various LED's: white LED, violet LED, ultraviolet LED, blue LED
  2. - Environmental detection
  3. Substrates for epitaxial growth by MOCVD etc
  4. - Laser diodes: violet LD, green LD for ultra small projectors.
  5. - Power electronic devices
  6. - High frequency electronic devices
  7. Laser Projection Display, Power Device, etc.
  8. Date storage
  9. Energy-efficient lighting
  10. High- Efficiency Electronic devices
  11. New energy solor hydrogen technology
  12. Light source terahertz band

Specifications for GaN-on-GaN Substrates for  Each Grade



4-6”GaN ON-SIC 
Item Type: N-type SIC
Dimensions  size Ф 100.0mm ± 0.5mm
Thickness  of Substrate 350 ± 30 µm
Orientation of Substrate  4°off C-axis(0001) 
Polish  DSP 
Ra <0.2nm
Epilyaer structure  0.5um pGaN/20um iGaN/2um nGaN/FS-GaN
Epi thickness/STD 1~25um/<3%
Roughness <0.5nm
Discolation density <1X107cm-2
pGaN Carrier concentration >1E17CM-3; 
iGaN Carrier concentration > 1E17CM-3;
nGaN Carrier concentration >1E17CM-3;
Useable area P level>90%; R level>80%: Dlevel>70%(edge and macro defects exclusion)


4inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers 04inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers 1

4inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers 2

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Q: Is there any stock or standard product?

A: Yes, commen size as like2inch 0.3mm standard size always in stocks.


Q: How about the samples policy?

A: sorry, but suggest you can buy some 10x10mm size back for test firstly.


Q: If i place an order now ,how long would it be before i got delivery ?

A: standard size in  stock  in 1weeks can be expressed after payment.

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4inch 6inch Gallium Nitride Wafer GaN-ON-SiC EPI Wafers 3

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