Si Doped Undoped GaAs Wafer Gallium Arsenide Substrates 2inch N Type

Si Doped Undoped GaAs Wafer Gallium Arsenide Substrates 2inch N Type

  • High Light

    Undoped GaAs Wafer


    Si Doped Gallium Arsenide Substrates


    2inch Gallium Arsenide Substrates

  • Material
    GaAs Single Crystal Substrates
  • Industry
    Semicondutor Wafer
  • Application
    Semiconductor Substrate, Led Chip, Optical Glass Window,device Substrates
  • Method
  • Size
  • Thickness
  • Type
  • Orientation
    15° Off
  • Surface
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  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    by case
  • Packaging Details
    25pcs casstle in 100-grade cleaning room
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    Western Union, T/T
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Si Doped Undoped GaAs Wafer Gallium Arsenide Substrates 2inch N Type


VFG metod N-type 3inch,4inch ,6inch dia150mm GaAs Gallium Arsenide Wafers Semi-insulating type for Microelectronics, 2inch N-Type Si-Doped un-doped GaAas Wafer Gallium Arsenide substrates



GaAs) Gallium Arsenide Wafers

Gallium arsenide (GaAs) is a compound of the elements gallium and arsenic. It is a III-V direct bandgap semiconductor with a Zinc blende crystal structure.

Gallium arsenide is used in the manufacture of devices such as microwave frequency integrated circuits, monolithic microwave integrated circuits, infrared light-emitting diodes, laser diodes, solar cells and optical windows.[2]

GaAs is often used as a substrate material for the epitaxial growth of other III-V semiconductors including indium gallium arsenide, aluminum gallium arsenide and others.

GaAs Wafer Feature and Application

Feature Application field
High electron mobility Light emitting diodes
High frequency Laser diodes
High conversion efficiency Photovoltaic devices
Low power consumption High Electron Mobility Transistor
Direct band gap Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor



Undoped GaAs

Semi-Insulating GaAs Specifications


Growth Method VGF
Dopant Carbon
Wafer Shape* Round (DIA: 2", 3", 4", and 6")
Surface Orientation** (100)±0.5°

*5" Wafers available upon request

**Other Orientations maybe available upon request


Resistivity (Ω.cm) ≥1 × 107 ≥1 × 108
Mobility (cm2/V.S) ≥ 5,000 ≥ 4,000
Etch Pitch Density (cm2) 1,500-5,000 1,500-5,000


Wafer Diameter (mm) 50.8±0.3 76.2±0.3 100±0.3 150±0.3
Thickness (µm) 350±25 625±25 625±25 675±25
TTV [P/P] (µm) ≤ 4 ≤ 4 ≤ 4 ≤ 4
TTV [P/E] (µm) ≤ 10 ≤ 10 ≤ 10 ≤ 10
WARP (µm) ≤10 ≤10 ≤10 ≤5
OF (mm) 17±1 22±1 32.5±1 NOTCH
OF / IF (mm) 7±1 12±1 18±1 N/A
Polish* E/E, P/E, P/P E/E, P/E, P/P E/E, P/E, P/P E/E, P/E, P/P

*E=Etched, P=Polished


Si Doped Undoped GaAs Wafer Gallium Arsenide Substrates 2inch N Type 0Si Doped Undoped GaAs Wafer Gallium Arsenide Substrates 2inch N Type 1


Q: What you can supply logistics and cost?
(1) We accept DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, EMS, SF and etc.
(2) If you have your own express number, it's great.
If not, we could assist you to deliver. Freight=USD25.0(the first weight) + USD12.0/kg

Q: What's the delivery time?
(1) For the standard products such as ball lens, powell lens and collimator lens:
For inventory: the delivery is 5 workdays after order.
For customized products: the delivery is 2 or 3 workweeks after order.
(2) For the off-standard products, the delivery is 2 or 6 workweeks after you place the order.

Q: How to pay?
T/T, Paypal, West Union, MoneyGram, Secure payment and Trade Assurance on Alibaba and etc..

Q: What's the MOQ?
(1) For inventory, the MOQ is 5pcs.
(2) For customized products, the MOQ is 5pcs-20pcs.
It depends on quantity and technics

Q: Do you have inspection report for material?
We can supply detail report  for our products.

Packaging – Logistcs
Worldhawk concerns each details of the package , cleaning, anti-static , shock treatment . According to the quantity and shape of the product , we will take a different packaging process!