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Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer A Plane 6inch 150mm
  • Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer A Plane 6inch 150mm
  • Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer A Plane 6inch 150mm
  • Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer A Plane 6inch 150mm
  • Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer A Plane 6inch 150mm

Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer A Plane 6inch 150mm

Place of Origin China
Brand Name zmkj
Certification Cz/ Rohs/ GSG
Model Number 4.125/6.125/6inch/8inch
Product Details
Al2O3 Monocrystalline
C Plane
Dsp Or Ssp
650 Um +/- 25 Um (SSP) , 600 Um +/- 25 Um (DSP)
Semiconductor Carrier Plate/sos/ Pss/optical
Semiconductor Etching Epitaxy Carrier
High Light: 

Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer


Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer 150mm


A Plane Al2O3 Wafer

Product Description

6inch Sapphire Wafer Orientation 0001 Al2O3 Single Crystal



4inch Sapphire Wafer C-Plane Single or Double Side Polished Al2O3 Single Crystal

4inch Dia100mm A plane Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer

2inch Dia50mm C axis Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer Sapphire Substrates 
8inch Dia 159mm Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer For Epi - Ready Carrier
4inch/ 5inch/ 6inch/ 6.125inch/8inch c-plane  R-axis (1-102) (10-10) sapphire wafer,dia200mm sapphire substrates ,2-6inch C-axis double side polished sapphire wafer for led epi-ready,sapphire substrates, Al2O3 crystal optical lens, Double Side Polished SSP Surface 8" Sapphire Carrier 




Product description
Sapphire wafers have several sell points that make them attractive to buyers.

  1. Optical transparency: Sapphire is highly transparent in the visible and near-infrared regions of the spectrum, making it useful for optoelectronic applications such as LEDs, laser diodes, and photovoltaic cells.
  2. Chemical resistance: Sapphire is highly resistant to chemical attack from acids, alkalis, and other harsh chemicals. This makes it ideal for use in chemical processing and other applications where corrosion is a concern.
  3. High mechanical strength: Sapphire wafers have high mechanical strength, allowing them to withstand high stress and pressure. This makes them useful for use in high-pressure applications such as oil and gas exploration

Overall, sapphire wafers have a unique combination of properties that make them attractive for a wide range of applications, including electronics, optics, aerospace, defense, and more.



  1. R-axis (10-12)
  2. C-axis (0001)
  3. A-axis (11-20)
  4. M-axis (11-10)



  • All orientations are available, custom orientation is welcome
  • Wafer size from 2 to 6 inches are available for all types
  • Thin wafer down to 250um for 2 inch, 300um for 4 inch and 300um for 6 inch

Specifications of Sapphire Wafer, 6 inch, C-plane (0001), Prime Grade

Material High Purity, >99.99%, single crystal Al2O3
Dimension 150.0 mm +/- 0.05 mm
Thickness 1300 um +/- 25 um (SSP) , 600 um +/- 25 um (DSP)
Orientation C plane (0001) off M (1-100) plane 0.2 +/- 0.05 degree
Primary flat orientation A-plane +/- 1 degree
Total Thickness Variation (TTV) <20um
Bow <25um
Warp <25um
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 6.66 x 10-6 / °C parallel to C axis, 5 x 10-6 /°C
Dielectric Strength 4.8 x 105 V/cm
Dielectric Constant 11.5 (1 MHz) along C axis, 9.3 (1 MHz) perpendicular to C axis
Dielectric Loss Tangent (a.k.a. dissipation factor) less than 1 x 10-4


88% +/-1 % @460 nm


Electrical Properties of Sapphire
 Resistivity, Ohm x cm at 200-500 °C: 1011- 1016
Dielectric constant: 10.0
Dielectric strength, V/cm: 4 x 105
Loss tangent: 1 x 10-4


  1. Growth substrate for III-V and II-VI compounds
  2. Electronics and optoelectronics
  3. IR applications
  4. Silicon On Sapphire Integrated Circuit(SOS)
  5. Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit(RFIC)


Product display

Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer A Plane 6inch 150mm 0Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer A Plane 6inch 150mm 1


Packing of sapphire wafers

 Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer A Plane 6inch 150mm 2Al2O3 Single Crystal Sapphire Wafer A Plane 6inch 150mm 3

Q: What's your MOQ?
A: (1) For inventory, the MOQ is 10pcs.
(2) For customized products, the MOQ is 25pcs up.
Q: What's the way of shipping and cost?
A:(1) We accept DHL, Fedex, EMS etc.
(2) If you have your own express account, it's great.If not,we could help you ship them.
Freight is in accordance with the actual settlement.
Q: What's the delivery time?
For inventory: the delivery is 5 workdays after you place the order.
For customized products: the delivery is 2 or 3 weeks after you place the order.
Q: Do you have standard products?
A: Our standard products in like 4inch 0.65mm,0.5mm polished wafer.
Q: How to pay?
A:50%deposit, left before delivery T/T,
Q: Can I customize the products based on my need?
A: Yes, we can customize the material, specifications and optical coating for your optical
components based on your needs.

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