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High Clearance Aperture Sapphire Wafer 50.8 - 300mm With >90% Clearance
  • High Clearance Aperture Sapphire Wafer 50.8 - 300mm With >90% Clearance

High Clearance Aperture Sapphire Wafer 50.8 - 300mm With >90% Clearance

Place of Origin CHINA
Brand Name ZMSH
Certification ROHS
Model Number Sapphire0005
Product Details
Application 2:
Optical Windows; Epi-ready
Chemical Stability:
Wear Resistance, Acid And Alkali Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Good Transmission Rate
Surface Quality:
High Light: 

Sapphire Wafer Wear Resistance


Optical Windows Sapphire Substrate


300mm Silicon On Sapphire Wafers

Product Description

Product Description:

Single crystal sapphire is widely used due to its excellent optical, thermal and mechanical characteristics.

Firstly, it has an excellent light transmission, making it the material of choice for vacuum equipment, windows in reaction furnaces, side plates of scanners and caps for optical communication.

It is also widely used for its outstanding thermal conductivity and high heat resistance even in high-temperature environments. It can be used in reaction furnaces, LED lights and other projects that require a reliable thermal conduction and heat radiation.



Single crystal sapphire is an ideal material for precision mechanics due to its outstanding properties. It has a high strength, rigidity, anti-abrasion, anti-heat, anti-corrosion capabilities, and excellent anti-plasma characteristics.

Furthermore, single crystal sapphire also has a stable dielectric constant, a very low dielectric loss, and excellent electrical insulating properties. Therefore, single crystal sapphire can be used as a material for substrates in super-high frequency regions. It is also extensively applied as an insulation material and microwave window in the electronics industry and has become a key element in it.


Technical Parameters:

Item & Specification

  -φ2 inch
  -φ4 inch
  -φ6 inch
  -φ8 inch
  -φ12 inch

Material: Artificial sapphire (Al2O3 ≥ 99.99%)


Surface: DSP/SSP

Orientation: c-plane (0001) ±0.5°

OF Length:

OF Orientation: a-plane 0±0.3°


  --10 ~ 0μm
  --15 ~ 0μm
  --20 ~ 0μm
  --25 ~ 0μm


Front Side Finishing: Epi-ready (Ra<0.3nm)

Back Side Finishing: Lapping (Ra 0.6 - 1.2μm)

Packaging: Vacuum packaging in clean room

Prime Grade: High quality cleaning (particle size ≧ 0.3um), ≦ 0.18pcs/cm2, metal contamination ≦ 2E10/cm2

Remarks: Customizable specifications: a/r/m-plane orientation, off-angle, shape, double side polishing, groove processing, thick and complex structure etc.



ZMSH Sapphire0005 epi-ready sapphire substrate is a perfect solution for a wide range of applications. It has a brand name of ZMSH, and a model number of Sapphire0005. It is a product of CHINA, and is certified by ROHS. The minimum order quantity is 25PC, and the price is by case. The packaging details are 25pcs cassette box, and the delivery time is within 30days. Payment terms are T/T, and the supply ability is 20000PC/month. The edge of the sapphire wafer has a protective chamfer, and the thickness is greater than 0.08mm. The TTV is ≤3μm, the surface quality is 60/40, and the parallelism is ≤10μm. It can be used for DSP sapphire, and is an ideal choice for epi-ready sapphire substrate.



Sapphire Wafer with M-axis and A-plane, A-axis and R-plane

Brand Name: ZMSH

Model Number: Sapphire0005

Place of Origin: CHINA

Certification: ROHS

Minimum Order Quantity: 25PC

Price: By case

Packaging Details: 25pcs cassette box

Delivery Time: in 30days

Payment Terms: T/T

Supply Ability: 20000PC/month

  • Advantage: Wear Resistance, Acid And Alkali Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Good Transmission Rate
  • Application: Optical Windows; Epi-ready; Bearing
  • Size: Customized Acceptable
  • Perpendicularity: ≤10μm

SSP Sapphire Wafer with M-axis and A-plane, A-axis and R-plane offers superior wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and good transmission rate. The size can be customized to meet your specific needs. It also has a perpendicularity of ≤10μm.


Support and Services:

Sapphire Wafer Technical Support and Service

At Sapphire Wafer, we are committed to providing superior technical support and service to our customers. Our highly trained and knowledgeable team of experts is available to answer any questions you may have and to provide assistance with any technical issues you may encounter.

Our technical support and service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always here to help. In addition, we offer a variety of online resources including FAQs, tutorials, and product demos to help you get the most out of your Sapphire Wafer product.

We also provide a comprehensive warranty and return policy to ensure you are fully satisfied with your purchase. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of customer service.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.



Q: What is the Brand Name of Sapphire Wafer?
A: The Brand Name of Sapphire Wafer is ZMSH.
Q: What is the Model Number of Sapphire Wafer?
A: The Model Number of Sapphire Wafer is Sapphire0005.
Q: Where is the Place of Origin of Sapphire Wafer?
A: The Place of Origin of Sapphire Wafer is CHINA.
Q: What is the Certification of Sapphire Wafer?
A: The Certification of Sapphire Wafer is ROHS.
Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity of Sapphire Wafer?
A: The Minimum Order Quantity of Sapphire Wafer is 25PC.

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