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Semi - Insulating Silicon Carbide Substrate , Sic Wafer 4H High Purity
  • Semi - Insulating Silicon Carbide Substrate , Sic Wafer 4H High Purity
  • Semi - Insulating Silicon Carbide Substrate , Sic Wafer 4H High Purity
  • Semi - Insulating Silicon Carbide Substrate , Sic Wafer 4H High Purity

Semi - Insulating Silicon Carbide Substrate , Sic Wafer 4H High Purity

Place of Origin china
Brand Name zmkj
Model Number 4inch--semi high purity
Product Details
Sic Crystal
Semiconductor Wafer
Semiconductor, Led, Device, Power Electronics,5G
Blue, Green, White
4H,6H, DOPED, No Doped, High Purity
High Light: 

sic wafer


sic substrate

Product Description

4H High Purity Semi-Insulating Silicon Carbide Substrateshigh purity 4inch SiC substrates ,4inch Silicon Carbide substrates for semiconductor 4inch SiC substrates ,Silicon Carbide substrates for semconductor ,sic single crystal wafers ,sic ingots for gem​


Applications of SiC Crystal Substrates and Wafers

Silicon carbide (SiC) crytsals have unique physical and electronic properties. Silicon Carbide based devices have been used for short wavelength optoelectronic, high temperature, radiation resistant applciations. The high-power and high-frequency electronic devices made with SiC are superior to Si and GaAs based devices. Below are some popular applications of SiC substrates.


High Temperature Devices

Because SiC has a high thermal conductivity, SiC dissipates heat more rapidly than other semiconductor materials. This enables SiC devices to be operated at extremely high power levels and still dissipate the large amounts of excess heat generated from the devices.


High Frequency Power Devices

SiC-based microwave electronics are used for wireless communications and radar.


III-V Nitride Deposition

GaN, AlxGa1-xN and InyGa1-yN epitaxial layers on SiC substrate or sapphire substrate.

Gallium Nitride Epitaxy on SiC Templates are used to fabricate blue light emitting diodes (blue LED) and and nearly solar blind UV photodetectors


Optoelectronic Devices

SiC based devices have low lattice mismatch with III-nitride epitaxial layers. They have high thermal conductivity and can be used for the monitoring of combustion processes and for all sorts of UV-detection.

SiC-based semiconductor devices can work under very hostile environments, such as high temperature, high power, and high radiation conditions.


High Power Devices

SiC has the following properties:

Wide Energy Bandgap          High electrical breakdown field    

High saturation drift velocity   High thermal conductivity


SiC is used for the fabrication of very high-voltage and high-power devices such as diodes, power transitors, and high power microwave devices. Compared to conventional Si-devices, SiC-based power devices have faster switching speed higher voltages, lower parasitic resistances, smaller size, less cooling required due to high-temperature capability.

SiC has higher thermal conductivity than GaAs or Si meaning that SiC devices can theoretically operate at higher power densities than either GaAs or Si. Higher thermal conductivity combined with wide bandgap and high critical field give SiC semiconductors an advantage when high power is a key desirable device feature.


Currently silicon carbide (SiC) is widely used for high power MMIC

applications. SiC is also used as a substrate for epitaxial growth of GaN for even higher power MMIC devices



2. substrates size of standard

4 inch Diameter High Purity 4H Silicon Carbide Substrate Specifications


Production Grade

Research Grade

Dummy Grade


100.0 mm+0.0/-0.5 mm

Surface Orientation

{0001} ±0.2°

Primary Flat Orientation

<11-20> ± 5.0 ̊

Secondary Flat Orientation

90.0 ̊ CW from Primary ± 5.0 ̊, silicon face up

Primary Flat Length

32.5 mm ±2.0 mm

Secondary Flat Length

18.0 mm ±2.0 mm

Wafer Edge


Micropipe Density

≤5 micropipes/ cm2

10 micropipes/ cm2

≤50 micropipes/ cm2

Polytype areas by high-intensity light

None permitted

10% area


1E5 Ω·cm

(area 75%)≥1E5 Ω·cm


350.0 μm ± 25.0 μm or 500.0 μm ± 25.0 μm



15 μm

Bow(absolute value)

25 μm

30 μm


45 μm

Surface Finish

Double Side Polish, Si Face CMP(chemical polishing)

Surface Roughness

CMP Si Face Ra≤0.5 nm


Cracks by high-intensity light

None permitted

Edge chips/indents by diffuse lighting

None permitted

Qty.2 <1.0 mm width and depth

Qty.2 <1.0 mm width and depth

Total usable area




Package : Packaged in a class 100 clean room environment, in cassettes of 25pcs

                   or single wafer containers, under a nitrogen atmosphere.


*The other specifications can be customized according to customers requirements


3. Pictures


Semi - Insulating Silicon Carbide Substrate , Sic Wafer 4H High Purity 0



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A:(1) We accept DHL, Fedex, EMS etc.

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Freight is in accordance with the actual settlement.

Q: How to pay?

A: 100%T/T, Paypal, Secure payment and Assurance payment.


Q: What's your MOQ?

A: (1) For inventory, the MOQ is 2pcs.

(2) For customized products, the MOQ is 25pcs up.


Packing & Delivery


Packaging products → single wafer cassette or 25 pcs boxes in cleaning room
Inner packingFoam plastics anti-vibration cushion liner for package
Outer packing → five layers corrugated carton paper box or as required
Shipping by air → UPS , DHL , Fedex , TNT, EMS ,SF ,etc

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